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Top Email Campaigns

There are three pillars that need to be aligned for an email campaign to work effectively: the offer, the copy and the design. It is the holy trinity. With your offer, you need to grab your reader’s attention with a killer value proposition, explain how your product is solving the things he or she wants and make him buy it before he finishes reading it. The second pillar is your copy. You need to convert that attention into interest, which can be done by pointing out the problematic situation your reader has, demonstrating why people around him have it so much worse and showing how you’re here to provide him with a solution. So as you might have realized, there are a ton of great examples on the internet that can help you get started. You no longer need to spend countless hours and money testing and implementing your own campaign. Pick one, do it right and have fun! In your next email marketing campaign, you don’t have to present a boring, static text. There are plenty of excellent email marketing campaign examples out there that can demonstrate color, animation and creativity in email marketing campaigns . Just pay attention to the best email marketing campaigns 2020, and it will definitely help you prepare your own!

E-mail marketing is make or break for any business. It’s not just fun and games to put together a campaign. By following the steps above, you’ll be making sure that your email marketing campaigns are on target and are reaching the right audiences. A great email marketing campaign should be consistent throughout. Your emails should be designed in a way so that they’ll bring value to the reader while shying away from obvious sales tactics like scarcity and hard-sells. As I mentioned earlier, these are just a few of the most successful campaigns throughout history. There are no doubt plenty of other examples out there that you could draw inspiration from. As you can see from the examples above, email marketing campaigns can be used for all types of businesses as long as there is a good plan in place to get results. When used correctly, email marketing will help you increase sales and market your product or service. Being successful in email marketing is a foreign concept to many business owners. They focus too much on the paying customers and completely forget about the opt-in readers. By following the examples you will be presented here, you will have a great start for success next time you try your hand in email campaign management. Many companies commit email marketing mistakes on their campaigns, but some are aware of these mistakes and tried to avoid them. It is beneficial for both your subscribers and you if you know what mistakes many marketers do when designing their email marketing campaigns. With this guide, you will be able to avoid doing the same mistakes that others do, so keep reading! One of the challenges for most B2B companies is to create email campaigns that improve the quality of the company’s relationship with its customers. Therefore, these are business-oriented emails, and the goal is not to sell, but to talk about issues that are relevant to customers.

I’m a big fan of email campaigns. They’re easy to set up, they’re relatively cheap compared to most other forms of advertising, and they allow you to build relationships with your customers over time. That said, the market is full of great email campaign examples that are worth learning from. In this post we’ll take a look at 7 different email campaigns that have been successful in their own right and see how they might apply to your business.

1. Burst SMS – Emergency COVID-19 Email

Burst SMS is an email marketing tool that allows you to reach customers who have opted in to receive emails from you.

It’s great for sending timely and relevant messages, since it eliminates the need for subscribers to opt in again or check their inboxes—they are automatically prompted to open their notifications as soon as they arrive.

For example, if an emergency has been declared in your area and you want people who have subscribed through a website form or app integration with Burst SMS to receive information about what’s going on immediately, then this is the best way to do so.

2. Groove – Blind Copy Email

You’ve probably heard of blind copy (BCC) emails before. These are the emails you send to a group of people but don’t have any of their names in the “to” field. The idea behind this is that BCCing people allows you to send an email out without having to worry about your recipients seeing all the other recipients on it, and thus makes it easier for them to ignore or delete as they wish without feeling guilty or pressured into responding. This is great if you want an email campaign that has an open rate above 50 percent—and with Groove’s Blind Copy Email feature, it just might happen!

But how do you create one? It’s easy: when sending an email through Groove, simply check off “BCC” under your recipients’ names so that only they’ll see who else was sent this message. You can also change the subject line or body text of these messages depending on what kind of response rates you’re looking for—but by default, we recommend leaving both untouched in order not to scare off anyone who might not know about blind copy emails yet!

3. The Hoth – Welcome Email Sequence

The Hoth is a clothing brand that sells stylish clothes for men and women.

The company recently decided to implement an email campaign to drive traffic to its website and increase sales.

4. Uptick – Sales Recruiting Manager

Uptick is a sales recruitment platform that helps companies to find, nurture and hire salespeople better. They use email campaigns to attract potential candidates to their platform. Uptick’s email campaign is designed in such a way that it highlights the core values of the company and their mission statement clearly so that people can easily understand what they are offering and why they should join Uptick. The content used in this email campaign is simple yet effective as it captures your attention immediately when you open the email. It starts off with an introduction about what Uptick does followed by some words from some of their clients who have been happy working with them over the years. This gives you an idea about what kind of relationship your employer would like to build with you if you join this organization as a salesperson.

The results for this campaign were quite good since it helped them increase their number of applications by more than 200%, which meant that there were many more applicants coming into their platform now than before they started using emails as one of their marketing channels!

5. Airtable – Newsletter Campaign

Airtable is a tool that helps you organize your data. The company has used email to promote their free trial, which is available only to users who sign up for it through the website or through an Airtable app.

The email campaign contains a link to a landing page where you can learn more about the product and sign up for the free trial. This landing page contains information about what Airtable does and how it can help you in your business, along with testimonials from users who’ve tried it out in real life (and have seen great results).

6. ConvertKit – Free Trial Offer

  • Offer a free trial.

A free trial is one of the best ways to convert leads into customers. It allows people to try out your product for themselves, so they don’t have to take your word for it anymore. They can see it firsthand and decide if it’s something that works for them.

  • Send a pop-up email when someone visits your site or after they sign up for an email list.

You can use this pop-up in order to get more information about their interests and needs, as well as determine whether or not their experience on your site was effective (or not). This is also where you can ask them if they want a free trial instead, which will increase conversions significantly because people who were planning on buying anyway may be hesitant without being asked first!

  • Send a welcome email once someone signs up for an account (and afterwards).

After someone signs up with ConvertKit, this welcome message should let them know what they can expect over time while using the platform – including tips on how best utilize everything offered behind those walls! This helps build trust with new users right away so there aren’t any worries about using something unfamiliar – especially since these products tend towards technical topics anyway…

7. MailChimp – Testing Tool

  • Testing Tool

MailChimp allows you to test different email campaigns and subject lines. It also allows you to test different email designs, content, timing and frequency of your emails. It is a great tool to use when it comes to testing the effectiveness of your emails.

There are lots of great campaigns on the market, and you can learn from them to make your own great campaign

  • The trick is to learn from the best.
  • You can use these strategies to make your email campaigns more effective, more fun and/or more personal.
  • And it’s easy when you know how:


We hope you enjoyed this list of campaigns. We’ve tried to cover a broad range of different types and styles, so hopefully there’s something here that will help you with your next email campaign. If nothing else, it should be useful to give you some ideas for how emails can be structured and designed.

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