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Top Email Marketing Books

Email marketing has a long history: by now users are very sophisticated in detecting all kinds of marketing email, and companies have to fight hard to create really appealing messages that will actually make people open those emails. So, if you want to learn the skills necessary to build an effective email marketing campaign and achieve higher ROI from your campaigns, then these books will help you develop a keen understanding of all the nuances involved. As you can see, digital marketing books are useful to the beginner, intermediate and expert level marketers. So, go ahead and begin reading today to learn all there is to know in running your digital marketing campaign. You’ve got your list of words, phrases, or whatever it is you’re creating this email for. Once you have that list, I would recommend using a mind mapping tool to lay out how you want your email to read and flow. This will come in handy later on when writing the first draft, so that each topic has its own paragraph and there’s no strange branches in the email. Remember to simply keep it simple at first when writing by hand.

The world of email marketing is an immensely popular one, and it’s for good reason. Email marketing leads the pack of all marketing strategies today, by a wide margin. In fact, out of the $200 billion spent annually on advertising, 69% of it is through email—the highest percentage of any single marketing strategy. If you don’t have email in your marketing arsenal, it’s time to get on board. There are countless books about email marketing on the market today, but the ones listed above are considered among the best. They have been well reviewed and include tips and tricks for a range of marketing goals. What we have mentioned above is just a tiny fraction of the books available on email marketing. Email marketing is all about moving target, as it keeps changing and evolving, therefore, you need to keep up with it. Its not easy too but is not too difficult either. All you need to know is that how these changes can be made to work for you and your business. If you aren’t convinced that knowing how to use email marketing is important, think about this. Between June 2014 and May 2015, emails were opened 49.2 BILLION times, and during the same period, 62.6 BILLION emails were sent. Now, that’s a lot of emails, so how are you supposed to compete in such a saturated market place? To do so effectively, you’re going to need more than a few tricks up your sleeve—you’re going to need knowledge and information. Luckily for you, we’ve got just the thing. If you are an up-and-coming marketer, you should introduce yourself to online marketing. There are a lot of books and guides that can help you learn more about email marketing, so looking for them is important. Even if you are already a seasoned marketer, this list can also help. Make sure that these ten books have a place in your library. Overall, both the first and last sections represent email marketing books which I would purchase if I was in need of some new information. The middle section is basically just informational books on email marketing, but from reading them you can see why certain techniques should really be taken with a grain of salt.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to build your business. I hope that these books can help you achieve your goals. Starting an email list is one of the most important steps you can take for your business, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or a complete newbie — there’s always room to learn more. Although the following books aren’t set to hit stores until next year, we think that they’re worth adding to your must-read list. When it comes to marketing, knowing the best email marketing books can be crucial. Marketing with social media accounts is all well and good, but sometimes the best way to really get customer interest going is through using a company’s email account. These books have many useful tips and tricks for companies, especially those starting out their own marketing campaign thanks to helpful advice on selecting a target audience and keeping customers coming back for more. These books also offer deep insight into how advertising has evolved over the years, as people become savvier about which industries are only after one thing: making money at any cost. If you want your company to succeed in marketing, then take these insights from the experts seriously and don’t be afraid to put them into practice. Hopefully, these insights from the experts will help you grow your customer base and increase your sales over time. Considering all the handbooks, guides, and best-selling books on the subject, email marketing is anything but simple. But, in order to succeed with your email marketing plan in any business venture, you need to learn how to do it right. All of this learning can be difficult for beginners, or for anyone that needs a refresher course on where to start.That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 books on email marketing so that you can get started in no time.

Email marketing is a great way to reach your customers, but it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many different aspects of email marketing that it can be hard to know where you should begin. From choosing an email service provider (ESP), to designing beautiful emails and writing effective subject lines, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to an effective email marketing campaign.

Advanced Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful way to connect with your customers, promote your products and services, and boost sales. If you’re looking to create an email marketing campaign but don’t know where to start, this guide will give you all the information you need.

The following books are among the best on the market:

  • Advanced Email Marketing by David McAllister
  • Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Keep Customers Coming Back for More by Ian Lurie and Joanna Wiebe
  • Email Marketing For Dummies by John Arnold

Email Marketing Demystified: Build, Launch, and Optimize Your Email Campaigns

Email Marketing Demystified: Build, Launch and Optimize Your Email Campaigns

By: [author name]

Email marketing is one of the largest sources of online traffic, so it’s no surprise that you’re interested in learning how to use it. But where do you start?

Email Marketing Demystified will help you learn everything you need to know about email marketing so that you can get your campaigns off the ground quickly and easily.

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Apps

There are many different email marketing apps out there. You can find one that works best for you, but before you do, it’s important to understand the types of apps that exist.

Mastering the Email List Building and Conversion Process

The importance of email list building cannot be overstated. Email marketing is a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy, and it’s critical that you understand exactly what it takes to build a big and engaged list.

Email is such a powerful tool for growing your business because it allows you to reach out to people directly when they have expressed an interest in what you have to offer. That’s why it’s so important to focus on building your subscriber base at all times—you never know when one of those subscribers might turn into a profitable customer!

What this book will teach you:

  • How to build an email list from scratch using Facebook ads, SEO, PPC ads, social media promotion (Facebook groups), cold calling etc
  • How how grow your email list by using automation tools like Aweber Autoresponder or ConvertKit (or even Mailchimp)
  • How best practices for conversion optimization & sales funnels

Describing Books – Amazing Amazon Emails and Universal Book Links

  • Describing Books: The art of writing book descriptions that sell, by Steven Parissien

Describe your books with this book.

The Power of Email Marketing – How to Increase Sales And Prosper in Business With Simple Messages a Must-Read For Small Business Owners, Internet Marketers, Bloggers and Online Marketers (email marketing 101)

The Power of Email Marketing – How to Increase Sales And Prosper in Business With Simple Messages a Must-Read For Small Business Owners, Internet Marketers, Bloggers and Online Marketers (email marketing 101)

In this book you’ll learn how email marketing can make your business grow. The author David Newman will teach you how to write emails that sell your products and services. Everything is explained step by step with examples so it’s easy for anyone to understand, even if you’re new at this type of marketing!

Find the best books on email marketing.

We’re going to take a look at some of the best books on email marketing to help you build your skills and understand this powerful channel.

If you are starting out with email marketing, we recommend that you check out The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing for Dummies. This book will teach you how to create an email marketing strategy, set up campaigns in different channels and measure results.

If you are looking for something more advanced, then we’d recommend How To Write Emails That People Open And Read: The Ultimate Guidebook On Email Marketing by Laura Rittenhouse. We love this book because it’s so detailed; it covers everything from segmentation and drip campaigns to A/B testing and landing pages – everything an expert would need!


If you’re looking to get into email marketing, we highly recommend these books. They will give you a solid foundation in email marketing best practices and help you develop a successful email strategy for your business or organization.

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