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Top Email Marketing Campaigns

Most consumers are overwhelmed with the amount of emails they get. While it is impossible to stop the onslaught of email that is heading our way, you can make sure that yours will stand out in a good way. With a little bit of creativity and strategy, you can achieve your desired response with these top email marketing campaigns. You just need to experiment to see what works best for your brand. Your goal: don’t give up or give in! As an email marketer, it is important to know different inspiring email marketing campaigns which will help in building a cohesive brand strategy. This is because these types of emails can be used as an effective tool to achieve a range of different marketing goals like brand promotions, product introductions, price discounts and customer recognition. A good email campaign can turn a boring newsletter into an engaging piece sending an important message pure and simple. Email marketing is still one of the most reliable and effective strategies for businesses to grow. However, the trends have shown that there is an increasing number of marketers who are moving away from “traditional” email campaigns. As a result, we expect the launch of new creative and exciting campaigns in 2017. This article ranks email marketing campaigns based on popularity and impact, which readers may find very useful in developing their own marketing campaigns for social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Email marketing has proven to be a very effective way to drive customer engagement and boost your sales. However, you need to make sure that your email marketing campaigns are truly optimized for conversions. In today’s post, we’ll show you how a few brands have done it. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own email marketing campaign, any of these would be a good place to start. They’ve all been successful in the past, and many are still going strong. Don’t just think of this as a list to be plucked from, though—each example provides insight into how each company was able to achieve such great results. You’d do well to study each one and come up with your own spin on things, no matter what kind of product or service your company offers. Nowadays, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. There are a variety of email designs with unique and interesting subjects which can directly attract the attention of your viewers. The key thing you need to focus on while creating an email marketing campaign is content. Create interesting and unique content that will compel people to click on the link and visit your website. Make sure that your email campaigns are error-free and highly readable. Apart from the two cases mentioned above, don’t forget to send your subscribers the content they wouldn’t want to miss. With formats like video, it is possible with video campaigns. If you’ve found a really effective way of sending email newsletters, be sure to share it with us!

Email marketing is a great way to reach your audience, but there are so many things you can do to make your emails stand out. From using video in your campaign to using compelling storytelling, we’ve got it all right here!

End your email with a question.

You can ask a question that prompts the reader to respond. You can ask a question that will get the reader to share the email with someone else. You can ask a question that gets them to click on a link and visit your site, or you can ask a question that gets them to buy your product or service.

There’s no perfect formula for what works best, but don’t be afraid of getting creative!

Include social sharing buttons in your email.

When you send an email, include social sharing buttons for each of the major platforms. The more people that share your content, the more exposure you’ll receive. By providing share buttons in your emails and making them easy to use, you increase click-through rates and engagement as well as brand exposure and building your email list. In addition to growing Twitter followers and Facebook likes, including share buttons will help you build your following on other social media sites like Instagram and LinkedIn — all while building a strong reputation within the industry.

Offer multiple types of content in your email.

You need to offer a variety of content types, including text, images, and videos. Include in your email:

  • A link to a landing page with more information about your campaign or product/service
  • A link to a blog post that expands on the topic of the email or mentions related products/services
  • A free e-book that you’ve written on the topic of your campaign or product/service (make sure it’s not just an excerpt from another book)
  • A product or service related to what was offered in the email

Make sure you’re sending emails to the right people at the right time.

When it comes to email marketing, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • Don’t send emails to people who don’t want them
  • Don’t send emails to people who don’t need them
  • Don’t send emails to people who don’t want to receive them
  • And definitely don’t send emails that no one wants or needs.

Make sure your emails are optimized for mobile.

You may have noticed that your email opens much faster on mobile, and with a reason. Mobile-optimized emails are designed to be easily readable on smaller screen sizes, so they’re often simpler in terms of font size and content layout. For example, the paragraphs tend to be shorter in length and there’s more use of bullet points and lists. This is why you should always make sure your email looks good on mobile: if it doesn’t then you risk losing subscribers who will just unsubscribe because they don’t want to read your lengthy paragraph-filled newsletter every day!

Use video in your email campaigns.

If you want to get your message across in a memorable way, use video. Video can be used to show off your product, service and company. It can also show your personality and help build trust with customers.

Before you start shooting videos, do some research on what types of videos are best for your audience. If you’re selling high-ticket items like cars or homes, then it’s probably best not to include people in the video as this may take away from the professionalism that potential buyers are looking for.

Segment your subscribers list.

You can segment your list by demographics, interests, location, buying cycle and behavior.

It all starts with the email address of your subscribers. With this information alone you can group people based on their age, gender, location and more.

Segmentation is a powerful tool because it allows you to deliver highly personalized emails that speak directly to each group of customers and prospects. And when done well it helps increase engagement and loyalty for your brand!

Use storytelling in your email copy.

Use storytelling in your email copy.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach buyers, but it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. One technique that works well is using stories to engage readers and make your content more interesting. Stories are memorable; they’re also actionable and shareable—making them ideal for any type of content marketing campaign. Let’s talk about why you should use stories in your email campaigns, how you can incorporate them into yours (and a few tips on selecting the right story), then take a look at some examples of how brands have done just that across various industries.

Keep it short and simple.

Keep it short and simple. The shorter the better. Don’t let your content get bogged down with long sentences and paragraphs, use short words and a simple layout. Keep your design simple, whether it’s black and white or full color. And don’t forget simplicity in logo design is key to success too!

Include a P.S. in your email marketing messages.

The P.S. is a great place to reiterate the main points of your email marketing messages, ask for a response, and engage customers further by asking for reviews or following up.

  • Reiterate main points from your email: If you’ve included multiple pieces of information in your email marketing message, it can help to list them again at the end. This way people who skipped over some parts of your original message will be sure not to miss anything important when they read through it again at the end of their inbox session.
  • Ask for a response: If you want readers to take action on what they’ve read or if there’s some kind of reply form embedded into your email, use the P.S. as an opportunity to remind them what they need do next (and why). Use language like “click here” or “reply below.” Make sure that any links are clearly marked so people don’t accidentally click on something else instead!

Always have an enticing call-to-action (CTA).

The most crucial part of any email marketing campaign is the call-to-action (CTA). The CTA is one of the most important elements in an email because it will determine whether or not your subscriber engages with your message and even buys your product.

If you want to create a successful CTA, then you need to know what type of CTA works best for each situation. For example, if you’re trying to get new subscribers for an email list, then you should use a different type of CTA than if you were trying to sell something online. There are many types of CTAs such as:

  • Sign up now!
  • Download my free report!
  • Join our community today!
  • Click here!

Personalize as much as possible.Takeaway: There are many ways to optimize an email campaign and stand out from the rest!

Personalizing an email campaign can be a game changer for any business. Here’s why:

  • Personalize as much as possible. Take time to personalize the message, subject line and from field by using the recipient’s name and company name in the message. This will help build trust and make them more likely to open your emails in the future.
  • Personalization is key because it helps build relationships with customers! It’s also proven that personalized messages have higher open rates than non-personalized ones do (up to 10% higher).
  • Personalization is key because it helps build brand awareness! When you personalize your messages, recipients are more likely to remember you and think of your brand when they need something similar again down the line–that’s how you establish loyalty over time!


So, email marketing is something you can’t afford to ignore if you want your business to grow. It can be a great way to reach customers and get them interested in your products or services, but only if done right. If you use these tips and tricks we’ve shared with you here today, then there’s no doubt in our minds that your email campaign will do wonders for your business!

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