The information marketing industry has been growing rapidly! With this trend comes a larger market for market research. Software that is designed to help you search for and gather data about your target market quickly has become a necessity. We checked out all of the top soft-ware available online, and compiled the best here. Check out our Top Software For Market Research article today, and find out what you need to be successful in the information marketing business!

Get the best review of the top Software For Market Research. Here you will find out how to research really efficiently using software that can be used for both basic market analysis and advanced, in-depth studies that might require data analysis, statistical and quantitative modelling…


Imagine a focus group of 1,000 people. Sounds pretty chaotic, right? Not when you add AI into the equation.

Remesh is a tool that makes it easy to gather qualitative insights that shape your marketing strategy. Using Remesh, you can have a live conversation with up to 1,000 people at once, and its nifty platform sorts all of that incoming qualitative data for you into simple, easy to understand insights. 

Check out our handy article if you’re unsure about the difference between qualitative and quantitative research.

Top Software For Market Research

In the same realm as Answer the Public is Google Trends, which surfaces trends data from all over the internet. You can refine by the location you’re most interested in, or go worldwide. 

When you enter a term into Google Trends, it shows you how that term has been trending over time, and assigns it a score out of 100. You can also compare different terms to see how they hold up against each other.

As an example, let’s say we enter ‘Christmas’ as the search term. We’re presented with a graph that clearly shows that it hits peak trendiness in December, for obvious reasons, and then trends very low for the rest of the year. And now, as I write this in October 2020, it’s beginning the upward trend again – a sign that perhaps people are willing Christmas to come early.

Top Software For Market Research

Answer the Public

“There are 3 billion Google searches every day,” the Answer the Public homepage reads, “and 20% of those have never been seen before.” 

That’s a whole lot of insight into exactly what your consumers are thinking, if you know how to access it. 

With Answer the Public, you input a search query – let’s say ‘market research’ for example – and get back every useful phrase and question that people have asked around that topic, all neatly organised so you can quickly make sense of the data. The simple term ‘market research’ becomes everything from ‘how can market research inform product development’ to ‘when market research goes wrong’. 

What’s the point of this? All this data helps you get a sense of exactly what consumers are asking for, so that you can answer them. 

Top Software For Market Research

 Social Mention

Best for Real-time Social Media Research

Social Mention Homepage

Social Mention is a dedicated, real-time search engine that’s focused on social media mentions. The tool lets you glean insights about what your present and prospective customers are talking about online.

Using Social Mention, you can gather valuable insights about social media activities across websites. You just need to type in a search term, hashtag, or website URL, and you get to see all mentions across social media for that particular brand or product.

This tool’s unique advantage is that you can use it to get actionable insights for a brand from multiple social media sites. Such an approach makes the task easier for marketers and makes engaging with social media conversations a real-time experience.


Tracking mentions across social media is one of the essential tools for brand success. Social Mentions helps you do just that by providing a better understanding of how customers interact with your brand.

Here’s a list of the primary features that make Social Mention useful:

  • Real-time brand monitoring
  • Detailed competitor analysis
  • Online reputation management
  • Covers all popular social media platforms
  • Helps find the right influencers
  • Sentiment, keyword, and hashtag analysis feature


Social Mention Pricing Page

Social Mentions is a free-to-use tool, and you can use it without any form of subscription. However, the results you get will be limited; if you’re looking for detailed social media analysis, you can get a paid subscription to BrandMentions, its parent platform.

Here’s a breakup of the paid plans for BrandMentions:

  • Growing Business Plan at $99/month
  • Company Plan at $299/month
  • Enterprise/Agency Plan at $499/month

 Heartbeat Ai

The world of market research is constantly evolving, and thanks to digital innovation, market research tools are advancing all the time. Heartbeat Ai is no exception to this – its a ‘Human Experience’ software that uses machine learning to suss out the emotions underpinning written content. 

Heartbeat Ai believe that human emotion is a key facet of market research that often gets left out. As it says on their website: “At Heartbeat Ai, we’ve seen the power of unveiling the rich emotional world that word choice analysis conveys. We’re not talking binary indicators of approval. Instead, we generate far more nuanced, concrete insights about how people are triggered by what they experience.”

Top Software For Market Research


Best for AI-based Experience Management

Qualtrics Homepage

Qualtrics is an AI-based experience management platform that helps more than 11,000 brands across the world manage customer experience. Using the tool, you can perform high-quality market research at a fast pace.

Qualtrics takes care of all your customer experience management needs from one single location. From market segmentation and competitive benchmarking to gathering customer feedback on new services and products, Qualtrics helps you do all this and more.

With this platform, you can get detailed insights into all aspects of market research. It uses advanced statistical methods to uncover details about your target audience. And you get all this at a mere fraction of the time it takes to do the same using traditional methods.


As far as features are concerned, Qualtrics is up there with the best market research tools. Whether you’re looking to develop a marketing strategy or understand purchase behaviors, this is the platform to use.

Here’s a list of the top features that Qualtrics has to offer:

  • Market trends analysis
  • Conjoint analysis to optimize the customer experience
  • A/B testing for effective change management
  • Online panel management
  • In-depth ad testing across vital customer segments
  • Fully optimized for all screen sizes
  • On-demand access to millions of respondents
  • Brand tracking across online channels
  • Academic research options


Qualtrics Support Page

Qualtrics doesn’t publicly display its pricing plans for everyone. However, you can request a demo from the official website.

Social Mention

Social Mention is a really simple tool that surfaces real-time data from social media platforms. Whether that’s blogs, videos, or Reddit posts, this handy social media scanner works like a search engine, pulling up examples of whatever you search from across the social web. 

Social Mention also features sentiment analysis and estimates of mentions per minute. For example, when I searched for ‘bubblewrap’, sentiment analysis revealed that people felt pretty neutral about it, but when I searched for ‘tired’, the sentiment was resoundingly negative. 

This market research tool is a quick and simple way to check in on what’s going on in the realms of social media.

Top Software For Market Research


Best for Statistical Data Analysis

Statista Homepage

Anyone who has ever engaged in online research is familiar with Statista. It’s an online statistical data analysis portal that collates market data from over 600 industries. The service is present in over 50 nations, which means you get a global data perspective.

The interface for using the tool is relatively straightforward. You visit the site, type in any relevant topic or keyword for which you want to see stats, and the tool will do the rest. All the data is presented in the form of blue-colored data charts that are easy to understand.

Here you can get market research data for creating buyer personas, building online questionnaires, and even content marketing purposes. In short, if you’re a marketer looking for reliable statistics backed by research, Statista is the platform to go with.


In terms of features, Statista has a no-frills approach. It provides users with a clutter-free interface, and the result charts are simple to understand. You also get a plethora of reporting tools.

Here’s a list of some other essential features that Statista offers:

  • Detailed statistics across several industries
  • Digital trend reports for significant brands and businesses
  • Downloadable data in multiple formats
  • Related data and statistics
  • Marketing outlook tools
  • Infographics
  • Global surveys


Statista Pricing Page

Statista’s pricing plans are spread across three tiers, of which the first one is entirely free to use. With the free plan, you get access to basic statistics, and can even download charts in PDF or PNG format.

For unlimited statistics and advanced features, sign up for any of the paid plans:

  • Single account plan at $39/month, billed annually
  • Project account for corporate solutions at $1950/30 days
  • Corporate account at $700/month
  • Enterprise account at custom pricing
  • Campus license at custom pricing


Attest helps marketers access brand and market insights at lightning speed. That’s why we truly believe we’re the best market research tool in the biz. 

Attest’s platform lets you do all kinds of market research – from hefty pieces of work – like market and competitor analysis – to in-the-moment gut checks, like testing different creatives for ads. Build surveys, connect to our audience of over 100M consumers worldwide, and start getting the answers you need in real-time. 

Attest UI- research your target market

Using the built-in audience makes it quick & easy to find the information you need from your target market. What they think, which brands they know & trust, and their buying habits.

Attest UI- conduct brand research

We’re loved by the likes of Gymshark, Santander, and Transferwise as an unbeatable market research tool. Fancy giving it a try? Sign up for free and start drafting surveys in minutes. No credit card required.


Our list of top rated market research software will help you make the right choice for your market research projects. We take all features, capabilities, pros and cons into consideration while making our list.

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