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Totally Free Social Media Management Tools

Discover the best totally free social media management tools to keep up with your social media accounts and manage your marketing initiatives from one place. We help you save time by organizing your scheduled posts ahead of time so you can save time and get back to running your business.

We’ve all been there, you try to quickly update your social media accounts before going out for the day or running to that last appointment, and end up using four or five different tools (and logging in multiple times) to get it done. We’ve come up with the ultimate freebie solution that will help you manage your social media accounts in a quick and easy way!

What is social media management?

Social media management encompasses many moving pieces in the process of managing online interactions and content on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter. It’s to create the online face of a company, promote and sell products.

A social media manager is in charge of handling social media activities with many tasks, from creating, scheduling content to analyzing data, and engaging with the audience.

Therefore, social media management goes beyond just posting things to your company’s social media accounts. It starts with determining which person you want your company to represent on social media. Then you’ll need to create appropriate content, engage with the audience, and look for new opportunities to increase visibility as well as reach out to more people.

Social media management techniques

Social media management can be time-consuming and irritating. It’s also a job that requires a wise investment and considerable efforts. And if you want to be a top-notch social media manager, here are a few of the best tips:

Quality first

Consistency is the key to social media content publishing, but it would be better to have nothing rather than nonsense posts with invaluable content. Having a constant flow of updates is no more important than sharing content that delivers value. You’ll want to make sure that your content is excellent or appealing enough to be re-shared or retweeted, and your brand name is mentioned.

If you can create content that stays relevant and useful for your audience over time, there would be an influx of engagements. This tip is a way more effective to gain the audience’s attention and build a long-term bond with them across social media channels. After all, content is the core of social media marketing.

Data tracking and analyzing

Data doesn’t tell a lie, it shows your social media strategy is hitting the mark or not, which content is favorable and which one is falling. You will not know your posts have reached out to how many people and the engagement rate if you don’t look at the numbers! Therefore, tracking and analyzing data plays a vital role in social media management.

Many tools help to mine social media data quickly, such as Buffer – useful for analyzing tweets or looking at Facebook insights. You’ll get to know metrics related to every goal you’ve set for your social media strategy.

Automate repetitive tasks

Getting bored with overwhelming and mundane tasks that need to be done on social media day by day? You can stop wasting time on those repetitive tasks and save time by automating your social media efforts.

But how? Many tools can ease your social media management by various automation recipes. They are not only available for automatically sharing posts across many platforms at once, but also enabling you to find new content. One of the most recommended tools is IFTTT that we’ll discuss more in the next section.

Use essential tools

You can maximize your social media efforts by using multi-functional tools. These tools can help you manage your social media campaigns more effectively, streamline your workflows, and save hours of fulfilling your social media feeds.

Social media management tools have various functions ranging from scheduling to tracking and analyzing data. You may use different tools for your social media activities, depending on the purpose and requirements of your social media strategy. Whatever tools you use, make sure it fits your business in terms of price, functionality, usability, and efficiency. It can waste time and money if you’re using the wrong tool.

Luckily, most of the social media management tools are affordable and even free, so it makes sure to have a solution for you.


Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, with over 1 billion users active on the platform each month. Later started as an app dedicated to Instagram as a scheduling tool, but since its inception, they’ve added support for other social networks and are continuously adding new features. The app has a strong focus on visual content. Whether you want to schedule in-feed image or video posts, stories, or carousel posts — Later supports all of these options. Later has a free plan available that you can use forever, but you get features such as analytics, saved captions, scheduled stories, and more for paid plans. Their paid plans start at $9/month.

A screenshot of the later dashboard



ContentCal is the ultimate tool for bringing your team together. It’s essential for creating social media content production workflows and managing ongoing projects. 

You don’t have to provide any credit card information to get started with their free trial. You can also sign up for their Hobbyist plan, which is free for single users to get access to four social profiles, one calendar, and 10 posts per month.   

Their features cover all the bases, from planning and publishing content to reviewing analytics and responding to conversations.

For creating content, your team uses the content hub to collaborate on all ongoing social media content initiatives. You can integrate with all your favorite tools, including Trello and Slack, and the pinboard makes filling your calendar as easy as dragging and dropping posts.

This platform also includes snippets to save commonly used phrases and a web clipper tool so you can grab resources you want to share while you’re browsing the internet. 

Other notable features include:

  • Robust analytics reports for measuring content performance, follower growth, engagement, and more, all displayed in colorful graphs and charts. 
  • Tagging options to organize all your output by theme, category, or any other category you want to track. 
  • A shared team inbox for managing all social media conversations in one central location.

ContentCal Upgrade Options

  • Pro: $17/month when paid annually
    • You must sign up for a full year to access the Pro tier. 
  • Company: $47/month when paid annually
    • $59 for month to month
  • Premium Custom: Reach out to get a custom quote. 
  • Enterprise Custom: Reach out to get a custom quote. 
  • Agency: Reach out to get a custom quote. 
  • Learn more about their pricing options, optional add-ons, and additional services here


Hootsuite has a special place in my heart, likely because it’s the first social media management platform that I used at my very first job as a Marketing Assistant. At the time, I was managing the company’s social strategy before social advertising had really taken off. I can still remember the hours upon hours I would spend putting together a posting content calendar and setting reminders for myself to tweet at certain times. This was until I discovered Hootsuite and my life as a frantic Twitter bird instantly changed.

hootsuite free social media tools

So what does the Hootsuite free plan include? This option is decently robust with the ability to:

  • Manage 3 social profiles in one place
  • Schedule 30 posts in advance
  • Generate leads with social contests

The free plan also includes basic analytics for tracking followers and various growth and content statistics and two RSS feed integrations. Not too shabby!


Those who rely on Twitter to get their message across will find much to like about TweetDeck. TweetDeck is a free application that enables you to manage multiple (unlimited) Twitter accounts from a unified interface. You can create your own customizable social media dashboard that allows you to send and receive tweets and manage and monitor your Twitter profiles. You can use TweetDeck as a web app, Chrome app, or desktop app. TweetDeck can be set to post scheduled tweets, build Tweet lists, and more. And the extra special part is that it’s always free.

A screenshot of the TweetDeck dashboard



Like Hootsuite, Buffer has been in the social media management space for a long time.

Buffer is a respectable platform. It allows you to manage multiple social media profiles easily and includes many of the same features as Hootsuite.

This platforms organizes your scheduled posts in a queue list format so you can easily scroll and monitor the posts that will go out on your various social platforms. Neat and simple.

It also allows you to schedule content while browsing the web with Chrome extensions. Where Buffer shines is its ability to monitor user activity and then suggest the perfect time to post based on your followers’ activity. Pretty cool!

With a basic free Buffer account, you can link three social accounts, 10 scheduled posts at a time, and can have one user.

Buffer Upgrade Options


Not only do I love the name of SocialOomph, I’m quite impressed by the wide range of features they offer for multiple platforms – ranging from the typical features like scheduling and analytics, to some interesting ones like keeping your DM Twitter Inbox clean to help with increasing followers. They definitely offer a wide variety of unique features for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest management, as well as the ability to manage and schedule blog posts.

While SocialOomph does indeed have a free plan, the features are limited and mostly lean towards Twitter management. On the free plan you can do things like schedule tweets, track keywords, shorten URL’s, and manage up to five Twitter accounts, but some of the more sophisticated features require a paid plan. If you’re looking to manage multiple social platforms aside from Twitter you will need to pay to play.


If you are a small business owner, or if you decided to set up shop online, having an online presence is a must-have. And in today’s world, having either a personal or business social media account is also a must-have!

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