The Right Activities: 5 Unproductive Habits that Cripple Online Marketers

Many online marketers are hungry for results but can’t get the results because of the unproductive habits and rituals that they have ingrained and developed over time.

It is only by doing the right things that you can get the right results. You are probably stuck because of your very own unproductive habits.

And I discovered that some marketers are not even aware that some of these habits are the major problems they are having.

While I can make a long list of 50 Bad habits you should stop doing, I believe in simplicity and I decided to keep this list short by identifying the top 5 unproductive habits that every online marketer should get rid of.

5 unproductive habits that you should let go if you want to Become a Successful Online Marketer:

1: Spending Too Much time on Social Media

Ever visited Facebook but suddenly finds something that took your interest and before you know it, 2 hours is gone. Yea. We all guilty of it and it is a amazing to note that the average person spends an average time of 2 hours daily on social media.

Mediakix calculated the average time spent per day on YouTube (40 minutes), Facebook (35), Snapchat (25), Instagram (15) and Twitter (one) and projected those figures out over a lifetime, arriving at a total of five years and four months.

You can find the infographic here

This shows that a huge number of people spend considerable amount of time on social media. And many unsuccessful online marketers do exactly the same. They spend a considerable amount of time on social media, reading and sharing one post, video, meme etc.

If you want to become super productive, you must curtail your social media habits and set a specific time when you will be active on social media.

Kill your Facebook news feed and disable YouTube feeds. This way, you will only get notifications that might be important to you and you won’t get distracted.

Now you might be thinking, won’t I miss out on some cool stuffs I should have seen? 

The answer is yes. But you see life is all about sacrifice, you can either keep consuming them and stay distracted and unfocused or kill them to maintain your focus and productivity either way, the choice is yours.

2: Downloading and Consuming Information

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This second habit you should get rid of is the habit of consumption.

Successful Online marketers are the producers. They are producing while unsuccessful marketers are consuming.

One unproductive habit your should get rid of is the habit of consuming.

Stop consuming all kinds of information. Stop listening to every Jack and Jill. Filter the kind of information you receive and consume. Unsubscribe from as many mailing lists as you can. This will help you cut down on the time you spend managing emails and also help you prevent distraction.

3: Pursuit of Perfection

Believe it or not, there is no perfect marketing or perfect online business. I personally believe that:

You don’t need to perfect anything, all you need is to plan everything and improve based on feedback.

Just make plans and see your plans through to completion. 

Being perfect is a waste of time. Although it will sometimes seem as if you are doing the right thing, but you will spend too much time, creating, tweaking but never testing that new product, idea, campaign or even launching your online business.


Because you are waiting for it to be perfect.

So, just develop a simple plan and set your goal and if you have any new idea, instead of disrupting the whole project to test it right away, simply add it your notepad and see if you can implement them later.

To break free from the “perfectionist” habit, have a simple checklist that you will constantly follow to achieve a specific task and once you have done all the necessary things, move on. If you do this, you will be able to achieve more and focus on other things.

4: Multitasking

The best thief of time is Multi tasking.

In this post we talked about how multi tasking can render you unproductive. If you have the habit of multi tasking then you are probably miserable right now.

Because you will be trying to complete a whole lot of projects at once and you can’t help it but remain stuck and miserable. Stop multitasking and instead focus on one thing at once.

When you focus on one thing, you achieve more and you will be happy and have peace of mind.

5: Good Starter Poor Finisher 

If you are in the habit of starting a good number of projects, task and activities but never finishing it, then you surely have a huge pile of work to take care of.

This habit can also be attributed to Shiny Object Object Syndrome. So get rid of this habit and put an end to as many projects as you can end.

Make a plan on how to tackle the tasks that are left, break them into smaller pieces, outsource some and execute them based on your plan.

These are the top 5 unproductive habits that can make you unsuccessful especially as an online marketer. So do your best to get rid of these habits if you are affected by any of them.

Being productive is a must and striving to become more productive is worth every effort, so give it your best shot. I recommend you read this article on money making activities and If you have any question, please drop them in the comment section below.

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