Sales letters are a powerful way to engage and convert customers. They can help you close more deals, increase customer loyalty, and build brand awareness. But how do you write a great sales letter that sells? Here’s a guide to Video Sales Letter Vs Text Sales Letter!

What is a Sales Letter?

A sales letter is a document that is sent to potential customers in order to sell a product or service. Sales letters can be used in a number of ways, including email, social media, and even in person. They are often designed toclarify the benefits of the product or service being offered, and to create an urgency around the offer.

What are the Different Types of Sales Letters?

A sales letter is a communication that is used to sell a product or service. It can be used in order to create an emotional connection with the customer, or it can be used to convince the customer to make a purchase.

The different types of letters that are used for sales purposes vary depending on the product or service being sold. Some common marketing letters include the following:

– Resale Value Letter

– Promise Letter

– Fulfillment Letter

– Sales Material Letter

– Advertisement Letter

– Biography Letter

What are the Qualities of a Good Sales Letter?

Video Sales Letter Vs Text Sales Letter


Sales letters are written with the intention of piqueing the interest of potential customers in the good or service being promoted. An informational brochure can be sent with a sales letter to give more details. Since most sales correspondence is unsolicited, the recipient may not be interested in reading it. The letter’s language and content must be carefully considered if you want to inspire the reader.

This section examines the following methods for organizing the content of sales letters with a focus on what information should be included in them:

  • Mention the benefit or advantage early in the letter. Provide the reader with interesting news.
  • Be pertinent
  • Detail the capabilities of the product.

early in the letter, mention the benefit or advantage.

It is critical to understand the benefits of the product or service. To keep the reader reading, these are frequently stated at the start of the letter. Convenient, user-friendly, high-quality, value for the money, economical, affordable, and stylish are a few examples of vocabulary.

Give the reader interesting news

Giving the reader news that will keep them interested is another way to keep them reading.
In general, a product’s or service’s selling points ought to be consistent with the needs and desires of people. Say, for instance, that your good or service will allow customers to save time or money, two examples of human needs or desires. Say, “Do you like to play mobile games on the bus?” Play while learning at

attract attention or curiosity

By piqueing the readers’ interest or curiosity, you can start a sales letter off successfully. This is done to keep them interested in your letter. “Are you paying too much for your…?” is an illustration.

Be pertinent

The letter’s content must be timely and pertinent to the recipient while also appealing to that person’s self-interest. But it doesn’t always have to be cunning. The reader is frequently uninterested in clever attempts to make your writing humorous or enjoyable.

Detail the capabilities of the product.

The majority of customers are more interested in the benefits of a product than its technical specifications. For instance, the majority of mobile phone users are more concerned with the phone’s features than with its hardware specifications.


  The following aspects of sales letter language will be looked at in this section:

  • Customer-centredness
  • Positive language
  • Personalized and casual tone
  • being simple to comprehend
  • rhetorical inquiries
  • fascinating adjectives
  • Making taking further action sound simple
  • The Essential
Video Sales Letter Vs Text Sales Letter


It’s crucial to write from the perspective of the reader. If you can see things from your customer’s perspective, you’ll be more successful. Promotional materials try to appeal to readers directly. They frequently substitute closer-proximity words (like “the user” or “the ticket”) for words like “you/your” and “we.”

Positive expressions

In sales letters, positive statements frequently persuade better than negative ones. Here are a few instances:

You could say “Save your hard-earned money” instead of “Don’t waste your hard-earned money.”

Rather than stating, “We are providing a 15% discount. Say “This month you can take advantage of a 15% discount,” rather than “Don’t be late because this promotion period will end next month.”

Personalized and casual tone

Similar to how you speak, write in this manner. This does not imply that the writing should read like a disorganized conversation. A sales letter is similar to having a friendly, informal, but well-organized conversation with the reader.

being simple to comprehend

  • To make reading easier, use short, simple sentences.
  • Make each word count by saying only what needs to be said.
  • When writing to the general public, use straightforward language and refrain from using jargon. If you are writing to experts only, you might want to think about using a few technical terms, but try to limit your use.

rhetorical inquiries

Questions that are rhetorical in nature do not anticipate or demand a response. They are frequently used in sales letters, particularly in the opening sentence to entice the reader to keep reading. Here are two illustrations of such inquiries:

Do you aspire to own your own home but worry about the mortgage payments each month?

Are you sick and tired of mailing checks to pay bills?

Instead, writing a response, a claim, or even another question right after a rhetorical question can occasionally be even more inspiring or convincing.

Here is an illustration of how to add an assertion to a statement:

Have you ever given up trying to find serviced apartments that offer personalized services at a reasonable price? If so, we have the solution to your search for the ideal apartment in the hotel style.

Here is an illustration of a follow-up inquiry to the original query:

Are you overpaying for your office furnishings? Why would you purposefully overpay for necessary office furnishings when you wouldn’t do so at home?

fascinating adjectives

Utilizing intriguing adjectives is another strategy for encouraging the reader to keep reading. Here are a few instances:

A wonderful, cutting-edge meeting space with the most recent technology.

A completely new idea in professional financial advice for those who demand highly individualized services and amenities.

A sparkling, low-calorie beverage that quenches your thirst and gives you energy

Making taking further action sound simple

Use words like “just” and “simply” to give the impression that everything is very simple to the potential client. Here are some examples of how to emphasize that taking additional action is simple and easy.

Call Dorothy at 98765432 and ask for her.

You only need to email the form to me.

Simply stop by our Times Square showroom.

The Imperative

Particularly for the letter’s conclusion, sales letters frequently employ this vivacious language style. It urges the reader to take the desired action. There are five instances of the imperative in these two sentences.

Show your wife how much you care by making today’s weekend package reservation!

Come in for a FREE “Fitness Consultation” today to make sure you’re headed in the right direction toward fitness.

How to Write Sales Letters that Sell

Video Sales Letter Vs Text Sales Letter
  1. Create an attention-grabbing headline for your product or service.

In one sentence, describe what potential customers need. It might be the only thing they see, so make it memorable.

For instance, you can double your customer base without spending any money on digital advertising by using Grass Roots Web Optimizer.

  1. Grab the reader’s attention by stating their needs and motivations.

The sales prospect will become more interested in your product if you address their unspoken needs. Your potential customer will pay more attention to your words if you can explain how this good or service will benefit them.

As an illustration, your website serves as a resource for both current and prospective customers. You want to draw visitors to your page who will stay there. It’s possible that investing hundreds of dollars in digital advertising won’t significantly increase sales. The software Grass Roots Web Optimizer increases organic website traffic without costing you anything.

  1. Use bullet points to highlight important details.

A list with bullets will make the information you want to emphasize more visible to readers. Build on your headline and hooks using this list.

As an illustration, we provide three strategies for boosting online engagement and sales.

  • We create informative content that draws readers.
  • Compared to the average digital marketing agency, we use 20% more SEO-related topics.
  • Our web pages are optimized, and we send you daily, weekly, and monthly reports that are specifically tailored to your needs.
  1. Make use of statistics or testimonies.

The value of your product should be demonstrated in a sales letter. Include statistics and testimonies in your bullet points so readers can quickly see important information that promotes your product when they scan.

Example: “My use of Grass Roots was greatly aided by their analysis. I was able to determine what was drawing the most attention to my products by seeing where customers were clicking on my page.” Lighting Source’s owner, Cindy Beck

  1. Encourage readers to take action.

To take advantage of your offer, your readers must be inspired to act beyond the page. By outlining a specific, doable step in your letter, you can assist them. A direct link or action button needs to be included in emails. Use graphics and font to draw attention to the action in print marketing.

For instance, enter your website address and email address to receive a free analysis of SEO organic traffic.

  1. Present the client with a limited-time or -quantity offer.

By providing a timeline for a deal, you can increase the sense of urgency or make a potential customer feel more desperate, which is a powerful sales technique. By limiting the number of items up for grabs, this strategy is also applied. In this kind of sales pitch, giving the customer a deadline to act is more motivating.

For instance, if you start your Grass Roots Web Optimizer annual campaign in the next 30 days, the first month of your digital optimization will be free.

  1. To include a guarantee or a personal address, use the postscript (p.s) symbol.

Another strategy to engage customers and personalize your letter is to use a postscript. It’s yet another scannable way to emphasize your offer.

P.S. I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to boost sales and grow your organic traffic. Our aim is to support the growth of businesses like yours.

Video Sales Letter Vs Text Sales Letter

Video Sales Letter Vs Text Sales Letter

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Writing a sales letter can be a important step in marketing your products to a wider audience. The purpose of a sales letter is to provide the customer with information about the product, and to persuade them to purchase it. There are different types of letters that can be written, depending on the purpose of the letter. Some letters may have specific goals, while others may only need basic information about the product. Sales letters should be well-written, using grammar and syntax that is correct for the language being used.

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