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What Are Some Marketing Tools

Marketing tools can be a solution to a problem you’re trying to solve in your business. Will these marketing tools solve your problems? You have to choose the right tool. You have to choose the right marketing strategy for your business. And you have to implement the chosen strategy in a time-effective manner.  In this post, I’ll discuss some popular marketing tools and talk about why you should use them.

Marketing your business is essentially mastering the art of telling others that you and/or your services are available and purchasable. The more people who know about your company and products, the more opportunities to sell to them. You may already have a marketing strategy in place for the coming year. But what are the best marketing tools you can use? In this article,

Types of Marketing Tools

Charlie App

Charlie is an attractive marketing tool that helps you create a positive impression when meeting people (especially for the first time).


A positive first impression is critical to winning over that customer or closing a deal.

In a recent article on Harvard Business Review, by Dorie Clark…

“People may have built up a certain, inaccurate impression of you – you can’t expect to overturn that thinking with subtle gestures, you need a bolder strategy to force them to re-evaluate what they thought they knew about you.”

Truly, you need to work hard to overcome a bad first impression.


If you’re a social person or your job involves meeting with customers and clients, whether online or physically, Charlie App will help you establish a stronger relationship with customers.

You should know that a relationship with your customers is almost everything in business. It can make or mar your strategy.

Charlie scours through 100s of credible sources and automatically emails you a one‐pager on every potential customer/client you’re going to meet with before you see them. Isn’t it powerful?

This marketing tool (let’s call it an app) does this by capturing customers’ biodata, email addresses, phone numbers for follow-up and getting them acquainted with your brand.

Charlie has gone far to introduce personalization in its marketing campaign. This is a campaign where attention is given to customers one-on-one instead of a group.

It’s a simple but effective way to answer people’s questions and comments quickly. 53% of customers want a response to their tweet within 1hr.


Don’t make your customers or social media fans perceive you as an unserious marketer, who doesn’t care about them. Use personalization to drive user engagement on social media and during meetups.

2. Oktopost

We’ve all been there – accidentally wishing to make more impact through social media. Yes, we know how powerful social media is, but it seems as though we’re lost.

If you can relate to this, you’re not alone. Oktopost is that social marketing tool you should give a shot.

Oktopost is great for B2B marketers. If you choose a social media tool that’s designed for B2C marketing, your results will be mediocre. Trust me, the plan, approach, and features you need are different.

Lee Odden, founder of Top Rank Blog shows the distinction when he said that, “B2B marketers who are goals focused, strategic in planning and action are more effective.”

Oktopost is a B2B social media marketing tool designed to help you power your social campaigns and drive hungry buyers. It enables you to schedule your best posts to multiple social profiles, from a single dashboard.


Stay informed about social media, study the detailed reports on clicks, conversions, and other engagements for each of your posts.

You can also use Oktopost to determine quality content to share with your audience – and keep them engaged all the time. As you already know, magical things happen when customers derive value for your content and get their questions answered.

An earlier case study by Gallup revealed to us that customer engagement boost sales and average revenue per user.


Truly, it’s difficult to manually determine which type of content your audience prefers you post on social media. But with Oktopost it’s simple. The tool finds relevant conversations and leads you into them naturally.

3. WordPress

If WordPress sounds strange to you, then you’re probably new to blogging, digital marketing, or you’ve been hiding under the Old Harry Rocks in England.

WordPress is a simple and powerful content management system (CMS).

It’s a publishing software used mostly by bloggers, authors, digital companies, and content marketers to create and publish content and build a robust website.


These days, starting a business is damn simple. Because you don’t need to have programming skills or hire a professional programmer to build a website for you.

With this free and helpful WordPress software, you can design a website within 20 minutes. There are tens of thousands of free themes and plugins to make your website as professional and dynamic as you want.

The beauty of WordPress is that most authority news channels live on it. For example, Mashable, CNN, Techcrunch, and more than 60 million other sites started on WordPress – and I don’t see them switching to Joomla or Typepad anytime soon.

WordPress themes are popular too. 51% of marketers are now using WordPress themes to power their blogs.


No matter what you’re looking for in a website, I can assure you that WordPress is powerful enough to support it.

Even if you operate a brick-and-mortar business, you can always build a website and use it to attract motivated customers on the web.

4. Crowdfire App

Launched in February 2010, Crowdfire is a social media engagement app for Twitter and Instagram. It’s great for managing user accounts. It’s built to generate automated answers to questions often asked by your fans, especially on Twitter.


If you get Crowdfire, you’ll never be intimidated by your Twitter and Instagram accounts irrespective of the number of followers.

Email Monday confirmed that getting a 70% conversion rate is a result of using marketing automation tools like Crowdfire.


You can collect useful data and insights about inactive users and those about to unsubscribe. You can clean up those that ain’t converting and ignite a fire inside the inactive ones.

5. Medium

Medium is a community of ardent readers and writers offering unique perspectives on ideas they’re passionate about.


Typically, Medium is a tool used by authors, publishers, bloggers, and writers.

Hey, these professionals don’t think alike. More importantly, the goal of a blogger is quite different from an author.

For example, a blogger is looking to build an audience via his blog, whereas an author may not even have a blog. He was to get on the bestseller list.

Does that make sense?

Primarily, you can use Medium to amplify your content: reach hundreds and even thousands of people, republish your old posts and garner more social shares.

Medium is very good and helpful for beginners and intermediate writers.

You’ll benefit from the ready-made audience, and this will show in the number of views your first post will generate.

People can subscribe to get updates when you publish a new post on Medium. You’ll agree with me that this is another viable way to put email marketing to good use.

Don’t you think so?

6. Wistia

While no two video streaming sites are created equal, the goal and motivation behind using one often are.

If you have an awesome video to share, I’m sure that your mind will go to YouTube,  right?

Yes, YouTube is powerful, great, attractive… it deserves all the accolades.

But, YouTube hasn’t dominated visual streamings online. If you aren’t concerned much about views as you’re with conversions, then Wistia is a video marketing tool to rely on.


If you want your audience to spend more time engaging with your video content, then, you have to use Wistia. Because, it has so many controls, features, and welcoming ads which I’m sure your audience will enjoy.

Would you like to know how your videos are engaging your customers? Wistia provides clearer analytics and serves you the right video metrics on a platter.

Video content remains one of the most effective ways to engage prospects.

Hubspot stated that 87% of marketers today use videos in their marketing campaigns.


In the past, creating a marketing video was difficult. But today, you can create professional videos at an affordable rate. It’s no longer about the cost of purchasing video production equipment, but the expertise.

7. Buffer

I know a few brands that have built thriving businesses, though they didn’t have a Facebook fan page, Twitter account or participate in any form of a social campaign.

As you’d expect, the journey from $0 in profit to $100,000 per year was a hard nut to crack.

Come on, don’t shy away from social media. Millions of active users are waiting for you on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the like. Social media can play a key role in your customer service.

Jayson DeMers highlighted the 7 reasons why you should use social media as your customer service portal.

In my own opinion, there is no effective marketing today, without social media.

Buffer was initially a simple app for scheduling Twitter posts, but it’s become a more powerful tool that helps you save time managing your social media.


You don’t have to be there physically to keep your social media users engaged.

Buffer will act as your representative, while you make out time for other pressing and urgent matters that will impact your revenue.

Buffer app works tirelessly at the backend to engage your audience. You can schedule as many posts as possible.

You see, as your customers get busy with your brand on social networks, they’ll feel excited about your product.


This engagement strategy enables you to nurture your leads without coming off offensive or pushy, which is exactly what you need to build loyalty with customers.

8. Hotjar

If you are looking for a website optimization tool, search no more. Hotjar is the all-in-one analytics and feedback tool.

Understanding your web and mobile visitor is critical. Nick Leech listed the 5 proven ways to understand website visitors. One of such is by conducting a Five Second Test.

The test is easy. You could do it manually with your friends and family.

Better yet, enter your URL into, and let other people will carry out a test on your site for free. To make it win/win, you should return the favor and do a few five-second tests of other people’s websites as well.


The Heuristic test (where you involve your colleagues) is effective too. But the easiest way to pinpoint how visitors are interacting with your website is by using a heat map and recording tool.

Hotjar is a powerful and easy marketing tool that shows you how your web and mobile site visitors are interacting with your website. You can use the tool to find the hottest opportunities to optimize for conversions.


As a smart marketer, you need to know what’s trending on your landing page.

From capturing users’ behaviors with Hotjar, you will get insights into what they truly care about.

9. Simply Measured

Are you tied down by big data?

Simply Measured believes that social marketing should be simplified, and not tied overwhelming with all the data. Ideally, the social data should drive your marketing.

Simply Measured provides easy social media analytics and measurement solutions for small and mid-size companies.


Who are your Twitter followers and what do they care about?

Use the measurement platform by Simply Measured to fuel your social campaigns and gain deep insights at your fingertips.

Simply Measured is provides Facebook analytics, Twitter analytics, and more. You also get to know how healthy your Instagram fans are and what’s trending on your Facebook fan page.

Yes, being sensitive to what is trending in your social media accounts guarantees that you acquire customers from these networks, especially Facebook.


Simply Measured rich features enable you to compare your Facebook fan page with your competitors – to know their weaknesses and strengths. Give it a shot today.

10. Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is a search marketing tool that enables you to develop a high-quality inbound link profile.

For example, OSE helps you research backlinks, find link-building opportunities, and find potentially damaging links.


Specifically, you can determine the number of backlinks your website or web pages have generated over some time (say 60 days).

Once you’ve found damaging links, the next vital step is to get rid of them. Else, your search rankings may drop.

Optimizing your web pages can dramatically improve your search rankings and drive qualified traffic to your website, especially when your content page ranks at the top of organic results.


11. Buildfire

Buildfire is the easiest way to build mobile apps. And these are not your average mobile apps – you can check out the features.


The use of the internet via mobile devices is always on the increase. As a marketer, can your customers access your products through their mobile devices?

According to a statistic by Statista in 2012, mobile in-application sales were predicted to exceed $36,887 billion in 2017.


In-app marketing is too competitive with over 1.8 million mobile apps already available on the Google Play Store and Apple store respectively.

If you wish to leverage mobile apps in your marketing, you need a robust drag and drop builder like

Irrespective of what your business looks like, Build fire has a variety of templates that will suit your business. Funny enough, you don’t need programming skills, yet, your mobile app can be a reader in 15 minutes.


12. Buzzsumo

One of the reasons why most brands embrace content marketing is to create brand awareness. And this can only happen when you leverage social media.


But the surprising fact is that only 38% of B2B marketers are reported to have effective content marketing. How sad?

How effective is your content marketing?

If you’re looking to improve performance and get your content shared across social networks, Buzzsumo is the right tool.


Buzzsumo is a powerful tool that scours the entire web and shows you content that generated the most social shares – for a given keyword or topic.


You can also use the tool to identify the social media influencers who can amplify your content reach.

13. VWO

Do you wish to get the best out of your web marketing?

With different marketing ideas and strategies available, integrating them into your business can be confusing at times. Because what worked for Mr. A. may not work for you.

To eliminate guesswork from your web marketing campaigns, you should split test.


Knowing firsthand what people want from your landing page or ad copy (and why) is a huge step toward implementing a successful content marketing strategy.

That’s why you need VWO – the A/B Split testing software for marketers that work. Use VWO to tweak, optimize and personalize your website with minimal IT help. You can conduct A/B testing, Url split testing, multivariate.

What an easy way to ascertain the best strategy that works for you.


VWO also provides you with real user feedback and analysis of your landing page performance.

This tool keeps you informed with analysis on your revenue, visitor segment metrics – improves your audience targeting, and uses personalized content to engage your audience.

This case study at Unbounce showcases several brands that use split testing to improve their conversion rates and increase revenue.

14. Contentful

It’s always been difficult to get the right CMS that provides seamless word processing tasks.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that Contentful is a content management developer platform with an API at its core. The developers have done a great job – and users are happy with this solution.


Content consumption is stronger on mobile than PCs, as more people use smartphones to browse the internet.

Marketers are now creating content in mobile format, hence, multi-device publishing seems to bring good results.


What CMS do you recommend supporting true multi-device publishing?

Contentful is an easy-to-use content editing tool, with an adjustable platform that integrates with the best CMS features. With this tool, you can increase your publishing speed and efficiency.

Top brands like Nike, eBay, and Red Bull have succeeded with Contentful. You should try it.

15. Pixxfly

If you’re a marketer whose content needs a little polish to get results, don’t worry. With Pixxfly and some actionable tips from established writers, you can create truly impressive content that people will love.


Pixxfly is an action-driven tool to power your content marketing. It’s time to unleash the viral potentials of your content.

This all-in-one solution supports content distribution, syndication, publishing, PR, video, research & content performance measurement.

And talking about the Content Distribution feature, which allows you to upload your marketing videos, images, podcasts, infographics, and press releases and schedule distribution to one or multiple social media accounts with one click.

A multi-tasking marketing tool that simplifies every aspect of your content strategy.

Pixxfly helps you to engage your customers easily directly on the major social platforms. This is so important because most customers expect to have their brand’s presence on different social platforms.


With over 1,000 top news sites, social sites, journalists, and databases made accessible for your content to be shared – from a single dashboard.

Pixxfly keeps track and measures the effectiveness of your content across all your social accounts – and notifies you of your most effective campaign, with detailed analysis.

16. BrightEdge

A lot of marketers and brands spend so much on digital content marketing with the hope of generating quality leads and customers.

Sadly, 51% of these marketers fail because they can’t measure content performance.


But with BrightEdge Content Performance Tool, you can plan, optimize and set up campaigns based on actual content performance. Do you know that your content is competing against billions of pages?

In case you don’t know, you need a tool that can target demand, optimize content, and measure results.


With BrightEdge, you can eliminate guesswork from your content strategy, and run content by the numbers. As an Enterprise SEO platform, you can use content insights to optimize your pages and improve search rankings.

According to BrightEdge, last year marketers invested over $135 billion in the creation of digital marketing content.

As you would expect, this content has limited value unless it’s well optimized and distributed. More so, it must be connected to ROI. You can use the Content Optimizer to polish your next content.



Digital marketing is thriving for most brands thanks in large part to the different social channels and marketing tools.

When it looks as though nothing is happening to your business, you may need to re-evaluate your strategy and marketing tools.

Because at the end of the day, your results are dependent on how you adapt to changes in the marketplace to align with consumer behavior.

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