Social media is a tool that can be used in a variety of ways. Although not all approaches are effective. In this article, we will talk about the main social media platforms and how they can be used for business.

You might see that social media marketing tools have undoubtedly gained immense popularity and are dominating the business world across many countries.

92% of marketers say that social media has helped increase exposure. An impressive number, huh?

That means that if you aren’t taking advantage of social media to its fullest, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. There is a broad range of social media platforms out there to choose from, but the good news is that you can start by narrowing it down to the most popular and most widely used ones.

Why Use Social Media for Business?

There are many reasons why you’d want to use social media for business. Here are a few of the top 5 advantages:

1) Build Brand Awareness: Being active on social media helps you stand out and keeps your name on peoples’ minds throughout the day. After enough exposure, you’re bound to get more interested people checking out your brand’s content.

2) Connect With Customers: It’s a rookie mistake to think that your business just needs to “close the sale.” Instead, social media opens the lines of communication between you and your customer base. This reduces your churn rate and leads to repeat customers in the future.

3) Boost Your SEO: By promoting your content on social media, you can get more likes, views, shares, and engagement with your content. Then, you’ll drive more traffic to your site which boosts page views. These are all positive signs to search engines like Google, and these factors help improve your SEO.

4) Grow Your Mailing List: Once people get to your website from your social media content, you’ll have more opportunities to turn traffic into leads. Over time, you can use this traffic to grow your email list and generate even more revenue from your email campaigns.

5) Drive More Revenue: Each of the advantages listed above leads to one thing: leading customers down your sales funnel and generate more profit for your business.

Now, you may be wondering, “With all those benefits, why aren’t more people successfully using social media for business? Why do so many brands seem to get it wrong?”

The problem most businesses face isn’t whether or not to use social media: that’s kind of a given these days.

The real question is which platform is best and how can that platform specifically encourage growth.

So, in this guide, we will show you the top best social media platforms for business. In each platform, you’ll see some basic information, the number of monthly active users, and compelling reasons why you should choose that platform.

Let’s get started right now!

Though Mark Zuckerberg has gotten a lot of bad press over the last couple of years, there’s no denying that he built the (overall) best social media platform for business currently available.

In its third quarter of 2020, Facebook was reported to have earned $21.4 billion and a total of $78.9 billion from 12 months prior.

How is this platform generating so much income? Facebook ads.

Facebook has over 1 billion active users every day. So it’s no surprise that it’s become one of the best ways to find your target audience, build an email list, and get new customers. But that’s not all it’s good for.

It’s also a great place to interact with your clients once you’ve caught their attention. Many companies opt to create private groups on the platform where paying customers can join, interact, pose questions, and have a personalized experience with the brand.

And while Facebook’s user base has drastically slowed down over the last few years, there’s no question that it will remain one of the best social media platforms for your small business in 2020.

facebook pros and cons

Bottom Line: Facebook is a tool that is right for just about any business. Though paid ads can become cumbersome and expensive, they’re optional. Your best bet is to have an active account to keep in touch and connect with users.

If you have the budget and time (not to mention the patience) you can look into exploring Facebook ads.

Use Facebook Pixels to Grow Your List

If you want to take things to the next level, you can use Facebook’s tracking pixels to optimize your opt-in campaigns for super-fast growth.

Facebook’s ads work with an algorithm that constantly builds a more targeted audience for you. There are many factors involved, but one way you can help Facebook understand your audience is with a Facebook pixel.

These tracking pixels are put on your site. When a customer visits, the pixel will run in the background and determine if this user should see your Facebook ads at a later time.

But you can also add this feature to your opt-in campaigns, like popups.

Just imagine this scenario: A customer comes to your site and is looking through your content. At some point, you show them this campaign:

retargeting examples for facebook pixels

Your customer loves the lead magnet and decides to opt into your offer. But you’ve added a Facebook tracking pixel to this specific campaign, which means two things will now happen:

  • You get a new contact on your mailing list
  • Facebook knows to show this user your ads because they have a heightened interest in your business

Now each of your campaigns is working with Facebook to get you, even more, leads and sales.

Not only can you increase revenue through your email marketing efforts, but you’ll also see a larger ROI from your Facebook ads.3.

Twitter had a brilliant marketing strategy from the get-go with their character limit: give everyone a voice but limit the “noise.” Businesses, journalists, celebrities, and, for better or worse, even Presidents use Twitter to share stories, news articles, or humorous anecdotes every day.

When it comes to using Twitter for business, you can find ways to monetize the platform. Part of doing that is standing out from your competition, consistently engaging with your audience, and adding valuable content to all of your posts.

twitter pros and cons

Bottom Line: Depending on your commitment to social media marketing, Twitter can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness and connecting directly with other customers (not to mention other influencers). Keep in mind that Twitter needs its marketing strategy, and you’ll need to plan for multiple tweets per day.

Boost Engagement With a “Click-to-Tweet” Button

Combining OptinMonster with Twitter is easier than you might think. And at the end of this section, we’ll give you the perfect resource for mastering the combination to see more ROI from your Twitter strategy.

But one of the best ways to use these tools together is to create a “Click to Tweet” campaign:

create a click to tweet button

“Click-to-Tweet” buttons are a popular part of many blogging strategies. You find a great quote from your content and encourage users to tweet it from their account with the click of a button.

Or, instead of a small quote, you can let them share the entire article by embedding the link to the post in the tweet.

Either way, it’s a great way to boost engagement on Twitter and get more social shares. How do you do it?

That’s the easy part.

Simply go to the website Click to Tweet and generate an HTML element for the tweet you want users to share:

embed tweet code-min

Then you’d add HTML element generated from the website to your existing OptinMonster campaign:

add html element to optinmonster campaign

These campaigns allow you to target interested readers which will improve your chances of having your content shared.

Plus, with a BIG click-to-tweet button (like in the campaign above), you make it even easier for users.

LinkedIn was one of the first modern social media sites to really take hold and stick around. It’s become a networking tool exclusively for professionals and has revolutionized the way we seek, find, and get hired for jobs.

It’s also a pretty good resource for sharing content.

One thing to keep in mind about LinkedIn, however, is that you’re more likely to find business partners than new customers (unless your market includes B2B).

While this certainly isn’t a hard and fast rule, people don’t typically go to LinkedIn for entertainment or online shopping. They go to learn more about their industry, see what their professional contacts are up to, and look for new career opportunities.

linkedin pros and cons

Bottom Line: LinkedIn is kind of like owning a pair of nice dress shoes: you’ll likely use them less often but you should have them in your closet. While you can (and should) show off your brand with a LinkedIn business page, its core function is tailored to individual users and expanding your professional network.

Personalize Messaging for LinkedIn Users

If you’re selling a product or service that would be good for professionals, LinkedIn and OptinMonster can be an awesome combination.

You can create campaigns that appear to people coming from specific 3rd-party sites, LinkedIn included.

That means you can create more business-oriented lead magnets and opt-in campaigns that your LinkedIn network would find more valuable.

When any visitor from your site comes directly from LinkedIn, you could show them more targeted campaigns, like this:

By keeping the messages geared toward what your LinkedIn audience is interested in (growing THEIR business), you can increase conversion rates, grow your contact list, and generate more leads.

Youtube is a remarkable video-based platform. More than any of its competition (Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok), YouTube has become the platform for sharing information via video.

It now boasts 2 billion monthly users and has become a place where people go not only for entertainment but to learn new things.

And that’s what makes it such a powerful tool for businesses.

With YouTube, you can create a video channel and connect with your users in a different way than other social media platforms. You can create video tutorials to back up your text-based content (like blogs), visually show product descriptions, or give personal press releases to your viewers.

The key, however, is to make sure you are optimizing your videos for YouTube SEO so they get views. You may also want to consider finding ways to use YouTube to grow your email list.

youtube pros and cons

Bottom Line: YouTube is a great social media platform for business in 2020 and beyond. It will likely take a little time upfront to learn how to shoot and edit videos that meet users’ expectations, but you don’t need a Hollywood budget. Most up-to-date smartphones are more than capable of recording high-quality videos.

Just remember to optimize your titles and descriptions for YouTube SEO, and you’ll be well on your way to getting more traffic and conversions to your site.

Get More Views for YouTube Videos

The great thing about YouTube is that it’s super easy to embed videos across your site. They give you embeddable code in multiple formats, so you can put your YouTube videos just about anywhere.

This is great for using YouTube with a tool like OptinMonster.

That’s because you can take your popular YouTube content, and embed them in campaigns throughout your website.

Then, you can make sure to use OptinMonster’s powerful targeting rules to show these videos to the right people and at the right time in their customer journey.

Imagine having a product demo appear in a popup or fullscreen campaign, like this one:

We built this campaign in less than 3 minutes (including the video embed).

You could design yours to match your brand’s voice, style, and messaging. Then, you could add a “Subscribe Now” button. Doing so is just as easy as creating a “Click-to-Tweet” campaign we saw earlier.

No matter how you use it, the point is clear: OptinMonster is an excellent tool to let you quickly and easily create video campaigns across your site.

These will engage your site’s traffic, encourage more visitors to take action, and even grow your YouTube subscriber count.

Reddit is an interesting breed when it comes to social media platforms. It’s more about genuine sharing and learning than it is about connecting and engaging. The reason is fairly straightforward: most Reddit groups have strict rules as to what you may or may not post for commercial purposes.

More often than not you’ll be removed from a group if you’re using a forum to blatantly self-advertise.

That said, a lot of companies have found massive success by engaging on Reddit. All it takes is a little creativity, lots of interaction, and a genuine desire to teach and/or learn.

reddit pros and cons

Bottom Line: Reddit is a great social media platform for your business if you primarily use it for personal purposes. Because users can go through your posting history, they’ll likely investigate whether or not you are genuinely contributing to a community or if you are just there to attract visitors to your website.

That said, Reddit is highly effective at an often overlooked aspect of eCommerce: market research.

In other words, use Reddit to ask questions and get feedback on different parts of your business (ad campaigns, web design, new products, and more). Many companies pay loads of money to gather information from their audience without realizing that Reddit allows them to do that for free.


Number of monthly users: 450+ million

Demographics: Women, ages 18-64

Pinterest is a place to share (or “pin”) different visual content so that other people can see it. That can include everything from a scarf to an infographic, which means practically any company can find at least part of their niche on this social network. It’s one of the best social media platforms to promote new visual content you create, especially if you regularly maintain boards.Pew social media platform demographic study result for Pinterest

Use some graphic design magic to spruce up some statistics or other interesting, evergreen content that’ll continue to get pins and grow your brand awareness over time. This is especially helpful if your company makes a product or offers a service specifically for women — statistically, about 85% of Pinterest’s user base is female.

And if you don’t, you can still make Pinterest work for you. It has several hundred million users every month, and some of them are bound to be interested in what you have to offer.


As one of the most rapidly evolving technologies on the planet, social media has produced some major game changers in just a short while. There are thousands of social media platforms available, but some have managed to rise above the competition and draw users in droves.

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