These days email is one of the most precious and cheapest tools you can use to promote your business. But with countless email marketing services to choose from, it’s hardly a straightforward task to figure out which is right for you. So we decided to break down some of the best email marketing services on the market, so if you are starting your own company or are about to existing business, you can decide on which one of these suits your needs best!

Email marketing has become one of the most effective channels for brands to interact with their customers, but choosing the right email marketing service can be hard. Every email marketing service will claim to be the best. But which one really is? This is why we made this article so you can decide which email marketing service will suit your company’s needs best.

What is the Best Email Marketing Software?

To choose from the best email marketing software, research price, reliability, technical support, template designs, ease of use, deliverability, automation, integrations, and any additional features you need.

The best email marketing software should allow you to design emails easily, segment your list, personalize your messaging, and view analytics reports. And they should most importantly hit users’ primary inboxes.

In the end, email marketing is about sending the right message to the right user at the right time.

Top Best Email Marketing Service Providers

1. Constant Contact – The Best Overall

Constant Contact logo

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Payment Plans: Based on the Number of Contacts
Starting From $20.00
Ease of Use:
 4/5 – Easy
Free Version: No
Drag & Drop Editor:
Mobile-Friendly Editor:

Ease of Use

Our beginner testers thought this of Constant Contact: “The user experience is quite simple but takes a bit of time to get used to navigating around the campaign management tool.”

You have multiple options for importing your email contacts. You can use copy-pasting, upload emails in bulk from a file, and import contacts from Gmail, Outlook, and other 3rd party apps. The whole process itself is quite simple and easy to follow.

Constant Contact’s email design tool uses a drag and drop functionality together with element blocks. When creating your email, you can choose from several templates as a base for your email, or start building it from scratch. Multiple handy toolbars help you with adding elements or editing a selected one. However, when adding an image, you go through three separate windows, which we feel is a bit much.

ConstantContact email editor

While you’re building your email, you can always use the preview function to see how the current version would look in someone’s inbox.

After you’ve created your email, you choose the email recipients, add a subject line, and determine when your email is sent. Once you’re done with that, you can go back to your dashboard and see some basic statistics about your emails’ performance.

Mobile Editor

Constant Contact has a separate mobile app available on the App Store and Google Play. You can use it to create and send emails, receive notifications, and see statistics of your sent emails. The app itself is relatively compact and useful for marketers on the go who still want to be productive with their email marketing.


Constant Contact’s service has all the modern features necessary to create an effective email marketing campaign in today’s world. Some of the more advanced features are only available with the higher-tier plan. So, make sure you pick the right plan with your desired features.

On top of the unlimited number of emails you can send with Constant Contact, the main features are drag and drop design tools, mobile-responsive emails, list segmentation for targeted emails, personalized emails, and email automation capabilities.

Their customer support is available over the phone and live chat support, and they have an extensive knowledge base with additional marketing articles you can browse.

If you don’t have a website yet, then Constant Contact’s plans also include website hosting. You can build an entire website, landing pages, or even eCommerce sites.

Pricing & Plans

Constant Contact offers two subscription plans, and the cost of both is tied with how many contacts you are adding to your account.

Constant Contact Pricing Plans

The cheapest plan starts at $20/month with 500 contacts ($0.04/contact).

Constant Contact offers an extraordinary 60-day free trial without needing a credit card. You’re limited to 100 contacts during the trial period, but it still gives you a safe opportunity to test their service. Besides, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee with the paid plans.

2. Sendinblue – The Best Option to Pay By Email

Sendinblue logo

Payment Plans: Based on Sent Emails
 Starting From $25.00
Ease of Use: 
5/5 – Very Easy
Free Version: Yes
Drag & Drop Editor:
Mobile-Friendly Editor:

Ease of Use

Here’s a brief summary of what our testers thought about Sendinblue: “Sendinblue’s usability is very intuitive, but the account’s setup process and the first campaign takes a bit of time.”

You have three methods to add contacts: copy-pasting, importing email contacts from a file, and adding contacts individually. All of these are quite intuitive to use. However, during this process, Sendinblue’s data mapping function asks you to match the extra information to an email address, which is optional but isn’t stated clearly during the process.

Sendinblue’s email design tool is where they shine the most. You start by creating a campaign and inserting some basic information. The layout of the editor is compact and doesn’t utilize many popup windows to obstruct the view. You have three options for creating your email: drag & drop, “Rich Text Editor”, and custom HTML code. All of these options are smooth and user-friendly. You can also preview your created email with desktop, tablet, and mobile views.

Sendinblue email editor

Before you can send your email to your contacts, you go through a summary page that showcases the setup, design, and contact information. This is a great feature to double-check if everything is correct before you hit that Send button.

Mobile Editor

Sendinblue doesn’t have a standalone mobile application. However, their editor is fully functional in the mobile browser.


Sendinblue’s email marketing tools are packing modern features. These features enable you to take advantage of the latest trends in email marketing. Although some of the more advanced features are locked behind higher-tier plans, the free plan’s base features offer enough to get started with your email campaigns.

The main features that we want to emphasize are an unlimited number of contacts and details, intuitive drag & drop-based design tools, email personalization, mobile-friendliness, customer segmentation options, and custom email automation rules. You also get a fully-functional sales CRM, a live chat plugin, and access to modify Facebook ads directly in Sendinblue’s campaign management tool.

Sendinblue’s customer support is accessible over email by default. You can also reach them through phone and live chat, but only starting from the Premium plan. They do have an extensive knowledge base with useful articles you can browse for information.

Pricing & Plans

Sendinblue officially offers four different plans: Free, Lite, Premium, and Enterprise. However, there’s another plan named Lite+, which adds some usability for an additional monthly fee. Together with the free plan, all plans have the necessary functionality to design and start an email campaign.

Sendinblue email marketing plans

Apart from the free plan, Sendinblue’s cheapest plan starts at $25/month with 10,000 emails ($0.0025/email).

Unfortunately, Sendinblue doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee. However, you can use their free plan to get the raw feel about their service. You can also cancel, suspend, or pause your paid subscription with ease from the account settings.

3. GetResponse – The Most User-Friendly Experience

Payment Plans: Based on the Number of Contacts
 Starting From $10.50
Ease of Use: 
5/5 – Very Easy
Free Version: No
Drag & Drop Editor:
Mobile-Friendly Editor: 
Yes and no

Ease of Use

A brief summary of what our testers thought of GetResponse: “The whole process from start to finish feels smooth, is user-friendly, and you have a ton of options along the way. However, the experience would be even better with a built-in image editor.”

You can add your contacts easily through the quick-action buttons from the dashboard. You can choose to upload your contacts individually or import them from a file. Depending on your contact list’s size, the importing may take a couple of seconds up to a few hours.

Building your email is relatively straightforward, and you can pick a pre-designed template, start from a blank template, or insert your HTML code in the editor. Working with a template gives you access to drag and drop tools and the building blocks toolbar. We especially enjoyed the block’s name display when hovering over an inserted building block. You can also preview your created emails in the desktop or mobile view making sure the content looks great on all devices.

GetResponse email editor

GetResponse also gives you access to thousands of free stock photos and an integrated Shutterstock gallery. However, the latter doesn’t come free, but you can purchase the desired image after previewing it in the editor. Unfortunately, they lack an internal image editor, so when you upload your image, make sure you’ve already edited it.

Once you create your email, you are directed to the summary page. Here you can name your campaign, write the subject line, and add your email recipients. Most of these options open a popup window and don’t redirect you to a different page, except when you want to redo the editing phase.

4. Drip – Ecommerce CRM features


Drip was launched in 2013 and has since become a popular email marketing service due to its eCommerce CRM features and intuitive automation. Though there is no free plan on offer, you will have access to all features on all paid plans. Their lowest plan starts at $19month for 500 contacts.

What we like: Their automation workflow editor is easy to use, well-designed and flexible, plus their icons and bright colors make it quite fun to use. There is a range of automation triggers to choose from including links clicked, page views, tags assigned, purchase in your online store, etc. Another great feature is that you can automatically tag users if they carry out a certain action, like visiting a particular page.

Where they can improve: Surprisingly, Drip doesn’t offer any kind of spam or design testing and the email editor isn’t the most efficient or intuitive. You’ll also only have 6 email templates to choose from, though you can upload your own HTML templates.

Who Drip is for: Drip is a great all-in-one solution for eCommerce businesses. Their sophisticated automation and CRM features will help you save time and better organize your leads.

Try Drip for free

5. Mailjet – Transactional emails and more

MailJet email marketing services

Like the aforementioned Sendinblue, Mailjet is based in Paris, France, and also used to focus on transactional emails. Their recent foray into the world of email marketing seems logical enough, and the editor works great for such a relatively new product. You can still send transactional emails, as well as SMS. Plus features such as autoresponders, A/B testing, sub-accounts (e.g. for agencies), and team collaboration are all included.

What we like: Very affordable plans and the free offer is generous too. Drag and drop editor works well, and the automation is decent. Mailjet also has good deliverability rates (most of the time) according to our tests.

What they should improve: In order to access features like automation or A/B testing, you’ll need to upgrade to one of their higher-level plans (Premium or Custom).

Who is Mailjet for: For beginners looking for something simple and affordable, it’s a great tool. Being able to manage multiple sub-accounts also makes it interesting for agencies too.

6. ConvertKit – The creator toolkit

Which Email Marketing Service Is the Best

Another young player in the bulk email service space, ConvertKit is taking an interesting approach by focusing on creators. That means Vloggers, YouTubers and bloggers, amongst others.

It’s a strange angle, especially since the features are basically the same as with other providers (for example, MailerLite). On the plus side, you get all the features, even on the cheaper plan. The landing page editor is useful and the tools are decent.

What we like: Good subscriber management features. Tags let you create advanced segmentation. Helpful support and excellent deliverability rates.

What they should improve: Plans are pricey, especially when compared to more advanced tools like MailerLite. Not many design options (only 3 templates available). Reports could have more options – they do not even show bounce rates. Their free plan is very limited, not even including reports. The landing page editor is lacking in options and is not user-friendly at all.

Who ConvertKit is for: Individuals or small teams of digital marketers with a budget who are only looking to send plain text newsletters. Good enough for small companies without complex email marketing workflows.

Try it for free 

7. CleverReach – Some Good Pro Features


CleverReach’s free plan has a decent email allowance (10,000), but with an allowance of 250 subscribers, you’ll quickly outgrow it. Plus, you can only use it if you are from the US, Canada, India, New Zealand, or Australia.

They do offer a lot of different pricing options, which may seem overwhelming at first, but they give you a lot of flexibility. Among them are flat-rate, pay as you go, and high-volume options. Then there are pro features such as their content segmentation that allows you to customize content blocks to your reader’s preferences.

What we like: Their very decent deliverability rates. They feature a decent automation center and let you set up your own tracking domain for outgoing links.

Where they can improve: It’s a pity that registration forms aren’t responsive. The editor has its quirks but nothing too bad.

Who CleverReach is for: Senders who require a newsletter tool with a broad range of features.

8. Constant Contact – Covering different grounds

Which Email Marketing Service Is the Best

Maybe because Constant Contact has been doing email marketing since 1995, they managed to find new avenues that no other providers had touched. For instance, they were the only solution to offer event management tools, surveys, or social campaigns. Unfortunately, they recently removed the event management tool, instead offering integration with Eventbrite.

They now have around 650,000 users worldwide, and 270+ apps for integrating extra services to their platform. Is it still enough to make them relevant?

What we like: Consistently good deliverability results. Niche features such as the ability to manage event invitations, registrations, and tickets.

What they should improve: Expensive and relatively basic automation. In general, Constant Contact lacks the basic functions that you find elsewhere. The editor is lacking in design options, and their templates could do with a revamp.

Who is Constant Contact for We see Constant Contact as too expensive for what it offers? You’d get more for your buck with ActiveCampaign or MailerLite.

9. Benchmark – As powerful as they say?

Which Email Marketing Service Is the Best

Present in 15 countries around the world, Benchmark prides itself on its international service. We’ve spoken with numerous members of their support team (in different languages) and the service was friendly, fast, and gave good answers.

We’ve also been pleasantly surprised by how easy and intuitive the platform is while offering powerful tools. This is particularly impressive when you can access many of the features without spending a dime.

What we like: Intuitive editor. A great choice of flexible and varied templates. The support is top-notch.

Where they can improve: The automation is lacking. Storage space is limited, and you have to pay extra if you run out. Also, they have consistently performed badly in our deliverability tests.

Who Benchmark is for: Multilingual teams looking for an affordable and intuitive tool.

10. Mailify – Speedy and slick

Which Email Marketing Service Is the Best

This French email marketing service recently revamped its desktop software with a smart new design and a web-based version of their tool. It’s packed with new features, too, including automation, landing pages, and SMS. They offer a great selection of modern-looking email templates, and an email editor that’s easy to use.

Bonus feature – if you’d prefer your data to stay offline, Mailify’s desktop version will actually let you keep your data hosted locally.

What we like: Great user interface, and some very fresh email designs. The editor is fast and easy to use, giving you plenty of flexibility to edit emails.

Where they can improve: List management and automation are quite simple – would be great if you could do more with them. As they charge based on email sends, the service can also get a little pricey. Deliverability rates could also be better.

Who is Mailify for: If ease of use and good email designs are important to you, Mailify could be well-suited to your needs. We’d also recommend it for anyone wanting to keep their data offline.

11. AWeber – Over 20 Years of Email Marketing Experience

Which Email Marketing Service Is the Best

AWeber claims to have invented the autoresponder. With over 20 years of operations, it’s entirely possible they did. However, we would have hoped these years of experience would deliver a better tool – more on that below.

On the plus side, all price plans offer the same features. You get things like A/B testing, email analytics and conversion tracking. They also have a mobile app, so you can send emails on the go.

What we like: Good features for list management and decent support.

What they should improve: AWeber is pretty expensive, which would be fine if the editor wasn’t buggy (after 20 years!). The automations are a bit basic and deliverability is a real issue.

Who is AWeber for: Not sure, to be honest. There are cheaper and better alternatives. ActiveCampaign if you want a really smart solution and MailerLite for a solid tool at a good price.


Email marketing can work as a part of content strategy and bring much more profit than you think. The main idea is to gather the most relevant audience and send them personalized messages which influence sales. Even though email marketing is commonly regarded as the least effective strategy for B2B marketers, it brings 96% of highly likely customers. However, to achieve such results, you need to choose the best email marketing service as there are a lot of them now.

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