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Youtube Content Creation Tools

Create awesome content for your youtube channel with the youtube content creation tools. This fantastic kit comes loaded with expert tips and tricks to help you create professional looking content for your online audience.

Youtube is an amazing and global platform for content creators. With so many people watching Youtube every day and creating content on a daily basis, it is paramount that you have the tools necessary to increase your viewership, channel growth and most importantly, profit through the platform.  All in one place, these tools are free to use and only take minutes to implement.


Animoto is an automated, AI-based video editing tool. It’s an easy to use, drag-and-drop kind of software, but with enough customizable features to make your videos unique and enhance their quality.

You can pick one of the available templates or start from scratch adding only your raw photos and videos. Then you adjust colors, fonts, and music. You can add sound effects too! Easy peasy.

Animoto - Youtube content creation tools
Source: Animoto’s Youtube channel

Animoto also allows you to create videos using only photos and text, so you don’t actually need to shoot any video clips.

If you’ve never worked with more sophisticated video editing software, then Animoto is the way to go.

You can try their 14-day free trial or select one of the paid options:

  • Personal – $9/month
  • Professional – $65/month
  • Business – $94/month

Shotcut – advanced video editing for free

If you ever worked with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, or Sony Vegas, then Shotcut will feel familiar.

Shotcut is a free, open source, cross-platform video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports a wide range of video formats, and you can even render your videos in 4k.

Shotcut - Youtube content creation tools

If you want to increase your YouTube channel’s subscriber count with pace, you need a suite of tools for social media marketing. That’s why Promo has a range of tools from collage maker, image resizer, social content calendar, and more. Not only that, the Promo Editor is an affordable online video editorfor you to create stunning videos for many social platforms. 

Promo, video editing tool

This online video maker gives you access to pre-designed templates, stock clips and images, fonts, effects, transitions, animation, and a whole lot more. Best of all, the free tier doesn’t come with watermarks that distract the audience about your branding. 

Should you want to access more features to amplify your video editing game, you can select higher tiers that unlock even more features: 

  • Basic: $25/month; 3 Premium clips/month with unlimited video download
  • Standard: $99/month; unlimited Premium clips and video download with brand management features
  • Pro: $359/month; unlimited video editing and more advanced features for brand management

With the right tool, you can generate more leads and increase conversion rates with ease. If you want to expand your brand’s reach and increase awareness, it’s about time to leverage technology to create professional-looking videos that wow your target audience.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is part of the Adobe suite, which includes programs like Photoshop and In Design. While this program is built on the backbone of the well-known Adobe platform, Premiere Pro is all about the videos.

Adobe Premiere Pro

It is used by a wide range of video-makers, including Hollywood filmmakers, your favorite YouTubers, and TV editors. Plus, it’s widely ranked as the best video software out there.Adobe Premiere Pro benefits

[Image Source]This is a very robust tool, offering more than just the ability to clip, paste, and edit. Adobe Premiere Pro also makes time-intensive tasks easy with the ability to synchronize audio and video from different sources, upload from a wide range of sources and provides JKL trimming, which allows users to scrub and trim video footage all at once.

It is powerful, which can come with a huge learning curve. Luckily, Adobe provides a comprehensive walkthrough of the tool, which makes getting started pretty straight forward.

This means you can get started creating high quality, story-telling video for your website, YouTube channel, or anywhere else you want to include video in no time at all. For example, could use Premiere Pro to create high-quality testimonial videos for your website, like Housecall Pro did.

Housecall Pro

With Premiere Pro, Adobe proves it is more than just a design and photo editing platform, but a full-fledged media editing program.


  • The full-featured tool used by everyone from YouTube stars to Hollywood filmmakers.
  • Comes with app Premium Rush, so you that can edit on the go.
  • Continually updated with new features and tools.
  • Ability to import media directly from your camera and many other devices.


  • Only available by subscription; you can’t buy the software outright.
  • It has a high learning curve, but Adobe does offer a walkthrough.

Best for: Anyone who wants to create a high-quality, well-edited video and is willing to invest the time to learn how to use the tool. Not particularly beginner-friendly, however.

Corel VideoStudio

VideoStudio is a video editing tool from Canadian software maker Corel, best known for programs such as CorelDRAW and Paintshop Pro.

Its video editing app offers all the features you would expect from a professional video editing platform, including the ability to add transitions, correct colours, edit the title of your video, pan and edit, add filters and effects, and much more.

Video Studio

The program also offers more advanced features, such as the ability to overlay objects on a green-screen, multi-camera video editing, and the ability to create split-screen videos. It can also be used to create stop-animation videos, like this one from Starbucks.View this post on Instagram

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One of the stand-out benefits of VideoStudio is the ability to choose which program is best for your needs and purchase it outright. Unlike Adobe’s Premiere Pro, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee to use VideoStudio.

If you need a bit more than VideoStudio Pro offers, you can upgrade VideoStudio Ultimate for even more features, add-ons, and special effects for an additional $20. Not too shabby for what you get.

While you do own the program outright, that also means you will have to pay for the newer versions as they are released. However, avoiding the monthly service fee may be worth buying the newer versions as needed.

Another major con to Corel’s video editor is it is only compatible with Windows computers. There is no Mac version or app.


  • Full service, robust editing software.
  • Makes it easy to upload video directly or schedule to social media sites.
  • Buy once, not a subscription service like Adobe.


  • Not available for Mac (Windows only).
  • No mobile app, only desktop.
  • You have to purchase new editions to get the latest features.

Best for: Mid-level editors who need a professional-grade editor for a Windows computer but want to avoid the Adobe’s monthly fee and don’t need as many bells and whistles. It is a powerful tool but doesn’t offer quite the same level of special effects.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Finally, a video editor just for Apple users! Final Cut Pro is one of the few video editing platforms that can only be used on a Mac. You must have macOS 10.13.6 or higher to download and use Final Cut Pro X, the latest edition of the software.

This is a powerful tool used by industry pros like the editor of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot who created an entire (non-sponsored!) video about his love for the program. While Final Cut Pro has had hangups in the past, the newest version is making a comeback.

Apple Final Cut Pro X

So, what can you expect from Apple’s video editing software? Well, you get the standard features you would expect, such as the ability to trim and move clips, bundle separate clips into one video, edit multicam views, add transitions, reduce noise, sync separate video and audio clips, adjust colours, and so forth.

But, it also offers a few advanced features that can take your YouTube videos to the next level, including HDR simulation, the ability to work with RAW files, 360-degree editing, advanced colour adjustments, and the ability to create VR scenes.

One major difference you’ll find in Final Cut X is the magnetic timeline interface, which is very different from the timeline-track interface of most video editors. However, once you get the format down, it can drastically reduce editing time.


  • Blazing fast speed thanks to Metal, which accelerates tasks like rendering and exporting videos.
  • Ability to add extensions to extend the functionality.
  • Can be used to edit 360 degree and VR videos.
  • Intuitive to use.


  • Can only be used on Mac computers.
  • Does not use the “timeline-track” interface that most other video editors use.

Best for: Devoted Mac users who want a fast, professional-grade photo editing platform designed specifically with Apple products in mind.


There are so many tools available for Youtube content creators, but a lot of them are difficult or expensive to use. Video Editing, Before You Go Live, Upload Management, Playlist Building and Playlist Scheduling.

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