Youtube Tools to Boost Views

There are many tools the everyday Youtuber can utilize to maximize surf potential, while at the same time protect their view count, which might I add is their most valuable asset. Some of these tools may be frowned upon by Youtube, however, there are some who still support them, so for this article we will focus on only the ones which you will actually be able to use and see results from.

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 Keyword Tool

The key to making sure that your videos are watched by the right audiences in large numbers is to conduct effective keyword research.

You need to invest a good amount of time in finding out what your target audience is likely to search for.

These search phrases will help you uncover topics that they’re likely to be interested in. In addition, the right keywords will help drive relevant traffic to your videos.

Keyword Tool is a useful tool that can help you find useful keywords from the YouTube autocomplete database.

All you need to do is enter a broad keyword and it will show you keyword suggestions along with questions, prepositions, and hashtags.

Keyword Tool

If you upgrade to the paid version ($99 per month), you can also view their search volumes, trends, CPC, and competition data.

Keyword Tool


Many times, you might need to include screen recordings in your videos, particularly if you’re creating how-to, demos, or tutorial videos.ADVERTISEMENTCONTINUE READING BELOW

However, recording what’s happening on your screen using a smartphone or a camera is cumbersome and will look unprofessional.

Camtasia provides you a smart way to record your screen along with the movement of your mouse and keystrokes.

You can edit your recordings, add effects, notes, and annotations such as arrows, captions, or highlights.

It also allows you to add voice narration or music to your recordings.

You can add animations or even interactive content such as quizzes to these videos.

 VidIQ – Boost YouTube Video Views Fast


VidIQ is a wholesome YouTube tool that will help you grow your channel at a rapid pace and in a seamless manner. It will save you a lot of time and efforts that you might have employed otherwise. It offers a wide range of features that you’ll ever need to rank high on YouTube searches, providing you with a competitive edge and increased views. 

The tool has the potential to help you at every given stage of video marketing. Various features that are power-packed in VidIQ include. 

  • Determining the best and most relevant keyword for your content. 
  • Checking the quality of the keywords. 
  • Allows you to translate the keywords in several different, globally accepted languages. 
  • Allows you to analyze your competitor’s moves in every possible way. 
  • Facilitates insight into the top ranking keywords of your competitor’s channel. 
  • Provides you access to the web.
  • Gives you information related to the viewer trends forming on your channel. 
  • Allows you to compare views. 
  • Leverages you with the power to generate a creative thumbnail. 
  • Carries out a channel audit to determine the channel health. 

How VidIQ Can Help You Boost Your YouTube Video Views?

All you need to do to get started with maximizing your YouTube views is to select the Google account associated with your channel, and you are good to go. VidIQ will help you frame result-oriented strategies and ignite a fan base for your channel. 

Research shows that 58% of total views come from related videos and YouTube search, and VidIQ will help you optimize the tags and unlock the potential of organic reach and views. It also enables you to increase brand awareness and unintended brand recall to build a loyal fan base, enjoy the perks associated with word of mouth, and boost brand affinity with the development of organic audience. 

Having comprehensive insights about your channel health and audience’s behaviour, likings, and response, you can easily optimize your channel and align it with your target viewers’ search patterns to enhance the views. Besides all of this, it also allows you to check your video’s performance across several social media platforms. VidIQ keeps a constant check on your channel and videos’ SEO score and recommends you the points that have a room for improvement. 


VidIQ offers four different plans catering to varying levels of needs. The starter or the basic plan is free to use and is ideal for the newbies. The pro plan is priced at $7.50/month and allows only one channel per account. The boost plan is priced at $39.00 per month, enabling integrating up to 5 YouTube channels. Lastly, the boost+ program allows the integration of more than five channels and is priced at $415.00 per month. 


If you want a quick overview of your YouTube performance while browsing through videos on your channel, TubeBuddy is the tool to use. Since TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension, its features load within YouTube, saving you the trouble of leaving the page to view analytics. 

TubeBuddy not only shows you which tags/keywords you are already ranking for, but also offers suggestions which you can use to optimize SEO for your videos.

7 Tools to Help Boost Your YouTube Performance | Social Media Today

With the right set of tools to support your YouTube marketing efforts, you can maximize views and reach for your YouTube videos, and achieve the goals that you desire for the effort spent on creating high-quality videos.


I like vidIQ because it’s another way to monitor and track your YouTube audience analytics.


Find out exactly who is watching your content. Then, you can create videos that appeal to that audience. Market to their needs accordingly.

With vidIQ, you can get detailed reports to improve your YouTube channel.

The platform also offers SEO tools.

In addition, you can identify influencers, manage comments, and run a competitive comparison against other channels.

Use the vidIQ free Google Chrome extension. The extension allows you to see the top keywords and tags used by other channels.

Monitor keyword scores, views, and other search term metrics all from one place.

You can also track your engagement metrics on both YouTube and Facebook with the vidIQ tool.


If you want to succeed with a Youtube channel, you need views. Marketing your channel is a great way to get them.

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