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Free Email Drip Campaign Software

Email marketing has a dismal 56% open rate, but with a well-thought out drip campaign, you can improve your response rates dramatically. It’s easy to get started with email marketing, but it isn’t as simple to make it work on the first try. To make an email campaign really successful, you need to know what you’re doing. It’s also important to choose the right software for the job. Let’s look at how some of the best email marketing software helps you create effective campaigns. Free email drip campaign software for your marketing needs. Get more with the marketing tool that supports automation.

Email Marketing is an excellent strategy to help build your online presence, generate sales and gain loyal customers. It’s an inexpensive means of targeted advertising that can compete with more expensive marketing strategies. Email marketing has proven to be an effective method of marketing your business. Utilizing this method allows you to contact your potential clients directly, helping you build closer relationships with them.

Free Email Drip Campaign Software

Email drip campaigns are a way to automate the process of sending emails to your customers. Instead of having to manually send out emails individually, you can set up an email drip campaign and have all of them sent out at once.

Email drip campaigns are a great way to keep in touch with your customers and make sure they don’t forget about you. You can use this software for newsletters, sales offers, or anything else that’s important enough for you to want to stay connected with your customers.


Building Drips: SendX’s screens make it extremely apparent what action to do while you are starting a drip campaign, making it very simple to use. In 4 easy steps, your drip campaign will be operational.

You can select a pre-existing template, add custom fields, a countdown (to demonstrate scarcity), photographs, videos, and more in the email editor.

By altering the HTML code, you can make all of your emails look like they are an extension of your website or brand.

The following are a few intriguing things that SendX offers:

Ignore weekends:

Simply tick this box if you don’t want to send emails on Saturday or Sunday. There is no need for complex regulations or manual involvement.

Follow responses:

To keep track of persons who responded to any of the emails in the drip series, check this box.

Create UTM parameters automatically:

By doing this, the links in your drip sequence will be automatically changed to links with UTM parameters. This will make it easier for you to monitor website/page traffic generated by various campaigns. For instance, the URL may be changed to source=sx&utm medium=em&utm campaign=wel&utm term=hi


By examining data from user-friendly dashboards and heatmaps, you can further optimize your communications.

Key performance indicators like as open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribers are provided by dashboards for both hourly and overall campaign performance.

Heatmaps provide information on the CTAs and links that are most frequently clicked, allowing you to utilise these trends in your campaigns and even broadcasts.


With SendX, you get access to everything even during your free trial, unlike other email marketing tools where drip emails and contemporary templates are hidden behind expensive plans.

For as little as $7.49 a month, you can continue to access all editor features, templates, and 24-hour customer support (through email) even after the free trial has ended.

HubSpot Email Marketing

CRM Framework:

The email marketing program from HubSpot is a component of a CRM system. The goal is for you to have all the resources you require for your whole marketing and business operations, not just for a successful email marketing campaign.

The email marketing software is very user-friendly, and the built-in CRM connectivity makes it simple to customise your emails for higher conversion rates. Along with that, you can also use a free form and popup builder to gather new leads, make landing pages that convert well, incorporate live chat or a chatbot into your website, and more. The platform is genuinely built to support your scaling and growth.

Automated Email Marketing Advanced:

You can add customized autoresponders and drip sequences to more intricate workflows using HubSpot’s platform. There are numerous triggers, such when a person views your product page or completes a Facebook lead ad form. Basically, you can make any action happen based on any of the information you have on your contacts in the HubSpot CRM, making for even more intricate sequences and targeting.

In addition to email, you may automate internal procedures to ensure that lead and contact management inside your team operates smoothly. You are no longer required to manually change a contact’s lifestyle stage or other information once an event occurs. Put all aspects of your marketing system on auto-pilot.


You can keep an unlimited number of subscribers and send up to 2,000 emails each month using HubSpot’s free service. A CRM, fully configurable signup forms and popups, landing pages, ad management, live chat and bots, and more are included in this free package. It’s a fantastic approach to start off on the right foot and set yourself up for success.

You can subscribe to one of the paid plans if you want to send more emails, take use of the more sophisticated features like automation and a/b testing, and get more detailed data. Depending on how many contacts you want, prices will change. Additional software tools including a blogging tool and social media scheduling are also included in premium plans.


Building Drips: Using the existing workflow templates is the quickest and easiest approach to establish a workflow for your drip campaign. Depending on your objectives and requirements, you can pick anyone.

By visiting the visual workflow builder and dragging the pieces you want to utilize, you may easily create a workflow from scratch. To monitor user behavior and improve future communication, employ tags and scoring.

You can use a list or calendar view to plan your emails for a particular day in your subscribers’ journey.

You can either start with one of the given ready-to-customize templates or utilize their straightforward drag-and-drop editor to compose emails.


The open rate, click rate, goals, social media, bounce, unsubscribe, and spam complaint ratio information for each campaign or list is provided in the reporting dashboard. You can opt to receive this information on a weekly, monthly, or other schedule right in your mailbox.


Following the 30-day free trial period, you can select a premium subscription. Choose the Plus Plan or higher if you want to employ drip marketing. Up to 1000 subscribers and 5 workflows are included in the Plus Plan’s lowest monthly cost of $49.


Construction Drips:

ConvertKit thinks that emails with just basic, uncomplicated text perform better than emails with plenty of images. As a result, its email builder emphasizes writing and proofreading. There isn’t a constant barrage of drag-and-drop tools, fancy templates, etc.

A drip campaign may be created in only two steps by writing your emails, setting the timing, excluding any lists, etc., and then pressing save.

The ‘When to Send’ tab is where you control the email’s time, and that’s all there is to it. Your drip campaign will be created once you’ve completed that for all of the emails.


Under “Reports” for each drip campaign, you can find data on how each email fared as well as how the campaign as a whole performed.

Convertkit’s reporting dashboard doesn’t aim to overwhelm you with any geography data, heatmaps, etc. because it was designed for independent, small businesses. It’s easy to use and gives you a rapid overview of all the key indicators. The open rate, click rate, subscribers, and unsubscribers are all visible.


If you have fewer than 1,000 subscribers, they offer a free subscription, but you can only use it to send broadcast emails—not drip campaigns.

In order to access all services, you must choose a premium plan, which starts at $29 per month ($25 per month if an annual plan is chosen). As your subscriber count grows, so does the price.


Self-service email marketing platform that is simple to use but effective, created for startups, small enterprises, and eCommerce companies.


With more than 80 email templates, Sendloop’s editor is a drag-and-drop editor. The majority of reviews claim that its user-friendly editor contributes to its positive reputation. You can import new subscribers using csv or excel files that contain contact information for contacts. Your contacts can also be manually added. Your contacts can be divided into segments, and based on specific criteria, you can send each section automatic emails.


Sendloop uses plugins and site integrations to assist in automating your email marketing campaigns. JavaScript can also be altered using Sendloop’s Automation capabilities.

You can automatically send emails in response to user behaviors like website visits, sign-ups, email openings, etc.

Additional features include email preview, social sharing, Google Analytics connection, single- or double-opt-in confirmation, and more.


The cost of Sendloop is determined on the quantity of subscribers. Any price plan allows for unlimited email sending.

For 500 contacts, the price is $9 per month. Another option is the “pay when you send” offer. Under this, there is no monthly charge and you pay $10 for every thousand emails.


A well-known email marketing tool is Mailchimp. It gained notoriety because to the editor’s simplicity and graphic templates. It also has strong automation abilities, though.


The five primary kinds of templates available when creating an email are Layouts (Featured & Basic), Themes, Saved Templates, Campaigns, and Code Your Own. Mobile devices can use all of the layouts.


Mailchimp employs its new automation tools, which include drip campaigns that are already built-in for welcome new subscribers/customers, following up after a sale, etc., for drip campaigns. Additionally, you can design your own entirely unique drips.


The pricing for Mailchimp is affordable at first, but as your audience grows, it becomes very expensive. Even though you can sign up for a plan that is perpetually free, you can only access a limited number of services. Plan Forever Free: 2000 connections, 2000 emails, and nothing The cost of other plans is determined by the features you utilize together with the quantity of contacts you have. Pricing for 500 contacts is as follows:

Plan essential: $10 monthly, 500K emails
$15/month for the Basic Plan, 1.2M emails
Premium Plan: $309 per month, 3M+ emails

Also keep in mind that Mailchimp calculates the list count by counting both subscribers and unsubscribers. One of the most expensive newsletter platforms available to small- to medium-sized enterprises is Mailchimp. Try SendX if you’re seeking for a solution that won’t break the bank.

By switching to SendX, you’ll be joining a large number of former Mailchimp users who have never looked back.

The Entry of Mailchimp Into E-Commerce
One significant update for those considering Mailchimp is that the company recently debuted its own online storefronts for SMEs and a new appointment-making tool. The appointment scheduling service launched on April 28th, 2021, and the new eCommerce functionalities are expected to be accessible to Mailchimp users in the US and the UK by May 18th, 2021.

There will be new “Websites and e-commerce” strategies introduced (and free-plan users will have to pay 2 percent transaction fee). Users who choose alternative pricing tiers will pay lower transaction fees; for instance, those who choose the Plus plan for $29 will only pay a 0.5 percent transaction fee.

Additionally, you can remove Mailchimp’s branding, get email and chat support, and only pay transaction fees of 1.5 percent for an additional $10.

Additionally, Google Analytics integration and SEO tools will be part of every subscription they offer. Additionally, there are no page limits and no bandwidth constraints while building websites.

Additionally, you can create your product catalogues, handle orders, and set up taxes and shipping options for Mailchimp’s online storefronts.

Even so, you should compare Mailchimp with other email service providers like SendX if you don’t want all of these extra capabilities and offerings.


These free email drip campaign solutions can help you grow your list, promote a product or service, and get the word out about your organization. They are all powerful tools for marketers who want to develop comprehensive email marketing campaigns in a hurry. All of these software solutions include some form of training so that you can learn how to use them. However, make sure to read any fine print before downloading the software because some have hidden costs or there may be a contract involved. Once you’ve established which option is right for you, it’s time to get to work!

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