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Best Free Email Without Ads

Signing up to a site means giving them access to your information. This can be anything from your name and email address, to a whole stack of private info. Don’t let this put you off joining new sites though. There are plenty of free ways to get your message out there without it costing you an arm and a leg. So how do you find the best free email without ads? Below, I’ll take you through my top ten list, as well as offer some tips to help you along the way.

Searching for the best free email without ads? Look no further than Mailjet. Our email without ads service saves you money, time and energy. What’s more, it is one of the best ways to reach a targeted audience that really wants to hear from you – your only job is to make sure your message is relevant, useful and just plain interesting.



With a free tier available, support for encrypting up to 8 email addresses and the ability to pay monthly or annually, SecureMyEmail is a simple way to secure your emails.

  • Pricing
    • Monthly Price: $3.99/mth
    • Annual Price: $29.99/mth
    • Lifetime: $99.99/mth
  • Pros
    •  Impressive free tier
    •  No need to change email addresses
    •  Supports end-to-end encryption
    •  Easy-to-use encryption
  • Cons
    •  Some features sluggish
    •  There are cheaper options

SecureMyEmail boasts an easy-to-use service that takes the stress out of securing your emails, all without having to change your email or move to a new service! I loved that, unlike other secure email providers like Startmail or Tutanota, SecureMyEmail works alongside popular services such as Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail rather than being a replacement for them, and you don’t need to be a tech pro to get set up and make your emails more secure.

There’s no charge to sign up for an account

You don’t have to hand over any personal details or even payment information to get started. The only thing you need to hand over is the email address you want to secure. Not only that, if the address you want to protect is a Gmail, Yahoo, or Microsoft/Outlook account, then you can keep using SecureMyEmail entirely free.

If the free tier isn’t quite enough for you, if your account is on another service like BT, Verizon, Virgin, etc, then you will need to sign up for a paid subscription. You’ll also need to sign up for a subscription if you want to protect more than a single email address, with the subscription covering up to eight, which should be more than enough for most folks. A subscription costs $3.99 per month or $29.99 per year and there’s even a lifetime option for a one-off payment of $99.99, though we remain unconvinced that these offer real value for money and would suggest you stick with paying monthly/annually instead.

Pretty good privacy encryption

SecureMyEmail uses PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) for its encryption, but it’s made it easy to use even for those who are new to this sort of security. PGP has been around for decades and is still used as the basis for many secure messaging systems. Messages sent using PGP encryption are secured from being intercepted or read by anyone but the intended recipient.

To get it set up, you will need to set up a passphrase, which should be different from your account password, to secure the public and private keys that SecureMyEmail creates. Make sure you don’t lose this passphrase or you won’t be able to access your encrypted messages! You don’t even need to use the PGP key that SecureMyEmail creates – if you have your own key already, you can import and use that one instead!

Apps for all platforms

You don’t just need to be a desktop computer user either. SecureMyEmail has apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, ensuring that you can secure your email no matter where you are or what device you’re using. There’s even an unlimited 30-day free trial for you to try it for yourself. Just remember that if you want to secure more than one address, or you’re using anything other than Google, Yahoo or Outlook, you will lose access at the end of that time unless you opt for a subscription.



Mailfence offers 500MB of storage, two-factor authentication, calendar functionality and compatibility with other OpenPGP email services.

  • Free optionYesPricing
    • 500 MB: $0/mth
    • 5GB: $2.75/mth
    • 20 GB: $8.3/mth
  • Pros
    •  Free option available
    •  Low-cost premium plans
    •  Integrated calendars, contacts, and document storage
  • Cons
    •  Interface could be more up-to-date
    •  Does log some user data

Mailfence is based in Belgium offers a highly-impressive free service. Free users are permitted to get a single email address with 500 Mb of storage. Add to that the wealth of features available, and the advantages of using this service stack up quickly.

Customisable security

End-to-end encryption is provided thanks to strong PGP compatibility. However, for beginners, the option is there to securely encrypt emails using a “shared secret” password system. This means that anybody can instantly start sending secure emails – without the need to learn about complicated PGP keys.

More than just an email provider

Mailfence has awesome extra features such as a calendar, contacts, and documents storage – helping you to maximize your organization, without the extra cost. It’s also easy to sync the service across all your devices – and lets you quickly import your old contacts from your old email address using a CSV file. 

Full transparency for logs

While Mailfence does store some logs about its users – including user IP addresses and metadata – it only does this to comply with Belgian laws. And it does provide a full transparency report that reveals exactly how many requests from the authorities it receives. 

However, no matter what warrants it receives, it can never provide access to the contents of emails thanks to the strong end-to-end encryption it provides.

Gmail: Best for Offline Accessibility

Best Free Email Accounts: Gmail

Unique Feature: Native File Collaboration

Sign up here.

Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who already uses and loves the rest of Google’s products.

It might seem like an obvious top pick, but Gmail is just too versatile not to get our first slot. According to Litmus Labs, Gmail has the second-highest email provider market share (behind Apple iPhone’s native email app).

Ironically, one of the reasons Gmail has become so popular is because of all the communication options in your inbox that don’t involve email.

Gmail is a regular email inbox tool you can access once you have a Google account. Since it’s built into Google Suite, you can also access a group of free apps that allow you to chat, video conference, and share files with the people in your contact list.

Google Hangouts, available from your inbox’s left sidebar (or the right — you can customize how your inbox is displayed), lets you text and video chat with other Gmail users for the things that might not warrant an email message.

Like most other email accounts today, Gmail also has an intuitive calendar where you can set meetings and reminders.

Pro Tip: You can also use a free product like HubSpot Meetings to easily schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails.

Unlike other email accounts, you can use your Gmail address to log into and manage your YouTube account, as well as collaborate on shared documents and spreadsheets right from a cloud-based Google Drive.

Offering a generous 15 GB of free email storage, Gmail does everything it can to make your inbox less chaotic, including advanced filters that automatically push emails into separate folders as they arrive. And none of these functions costs a dime.

Notable Features:

  • Allows you to un-send emails
  • 15GB free email storage
  • Accessible from any internet-connected device
  • 99.9% protection from suspicious/spam emails
  • Texts suggestions that help you write emails faster

 AOL: Best for Interface Organization

aol best free email account and service providerBest Free Email Accounts: AOL

Image Source

Unique Feature: Unlimited Storage

Sign up here.

Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who uses email for most of their communication.

America Online (I feel nostalgic just typing those words) has quietly kept up with today’s standards for a good user experience and is now once again one of the best free email accounts available to you.

Purchased by Verizon in 2015, AOL delivers your email from its classic news-driven homepage and comes with the contemporary spam filters and virus protection you’d expect from your email provider. You can also send text and instant messages from specific windows in your email inbox.

AOL does have something over Gmail, though: unlimited storage. Additionally, you can import email contacts from a CSV, TXT, or LDIF file, so you’re not creating your “buddy list” (get it?) from scratch.

Notable Features:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Highly customizable
  • Offers a spellchecker to reduce errors

 Outlook: Best for Multiple App Integrations

Best Free Email Accounts: Outlook

Image Source

Unique Feature: Multiple App Integrations

Sign up here.

Type of email: Email client

Who should use it: Anyone who uses many different platforms to connect with others.

If you ever cringed at the sight of a “” email address, you can thank Outlook for this outdated domain name.

But there’s good news: Microsoft has reinvented its longstanding email service, and your free email address has many advanced features waiting for you.

While it touts a calendar and message filter similar to Gmail, Outlook also integrates with several other popular communication apps.

For example, you can connect Skype, Facebook, PowerPoint, PayPal, and even task-management software such as Trello — making it very easy to reach and work with non-Outlook users without leaving your inbox.

Outlook offers 15 GB of free storage for each user, along with a super-clean interface.

Notable Features:

  • Like with Excel or Word, you can use Add-ins with Outlook
  • Easy access to other Microsoft apps like Skype
  • Provides aliases that add anonymity to your email
  • Excellent email organization
  • Great search feature


The best free email without ads is Gmail because it’s fast, easy to use and secure. Its helpful features like google apps, task management, Google calendar are used by millions of people in their day to day life. It offers 15GB of space with custom domain support and much more.

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